in all the years that I paint, I have also sold a lot of works, so much that I lost the time myself, (between 1993 and 2021) often far too cheap, sometimes even exchanged for whiskey, shag or whatever I have on that thought I needed a moment...

In recent years, the (far too cheap) sale of my art started to take on strange forms, after which I decided to no longer do all the sales of my art myself from (end) 2021, but through a manager, all for the benefit of the Dwaalhaas Art Foundation....

This also puts an end to (e.g.) Wandering Art for drinks, etc, because my manager charges different prices than I have done for years, too bad? maybe, but beneficial for the people who already have Dwaal-Art at home, this way it will keep its value, and it will even grow in value, because my manager looks at the sale of my work from a "business" point of view.

Do you know someone with Dwaalhaas Kunst, or do you have Dwaalhaas Kunst yourself? and are you thinking of selling?

then give our foundation the first choice, because it may just be that that painting or object is 1 of the Dwaalhaas "key works", with which our foundation will go a lot further....

soon a serious Dwaalhaas Art (sales / shop) site will be put online, where we can also sell your Dwaalhaas-Art at new prices, for this we ask a few % of the proceeds

NEW on Youtube > Dwaalhaas Video Art Gallery

( Dutch spoken )

i will try to make, and upload every day a newspoken painting video thing...

watch the complete plauliston youtube

Order signed (A4 photo paper) Dwaalhaas Art prints to sponsor Dwaalhaas Foundation

click here for more samples to choose from.

donate at least 10€ and let me know which design you want,

what to write on it, and where to send it.....mail to

Van 16 tot en met 24 oktober vindt in Eindhoven de negendaagse Dutch Design Week (DDW) plaats. Het grootste designevenement van Noord-Europa presenteert werk en concepten van ruim 2000 ontwerpers aan meer dan 350.000 bezoekers uit binnen- en buitenland .... Dit jaar mag ik ook ( gratis ) mee doen :-)

this is the life of the dutch painter Dwaalhaas, i have certainly forgotten many things that happened in my life, good things, bad things... that's why i called this "my life in a nutshell"

The story of my life.....My name is Hans de Waal born on May 11, 1965 in Eindhoven I was born as the second son of my father and mother.

The story below is my real life story, I may have changed the names to protect someone's privacy, or I may have done something wrong about the real year and date of the events that happened to me, but it is all true anyway.

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FREEDOM - I'm living the life I love...

non-profit artist ? no, I am paid with karma.

"Life artist" 50+ years of the Dwaalhaas Art...

I have drawn and painted all my life and I can do nothing but be creative, I have exhibited, been on television, newspapers, magazines, film, art of mine has traveled the world, painted on commission, and every time I thought "this will be my breakthrough" now i'm getting famous.

I have now passed 55, and I have been able to experience many beautiful and less beautiful things, and I am happy as it is "it doesn't have to be more".... my privat life ? its a open book, no secrets and nothing to hide ( i am what i am ) take it or leave it....

Mi casa es su casa

Edisonstraat 39 5621HK Eindhoven

If you don't mind the mess in my house, you're welcome 24/7.

Every Monday from 12:00 to 21:00 I have free walk-in (Leefmuseum) nothing has to be done, a lot is possible.

My thrift shop is open every Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00

its free, non-profit, social, unsubsidised...

and a part of the Dwaalhaas Art Foundation

everybody is welcome !