About Us

The GAA is an international Irish organization with a significant impact on the history of Ireland and its culture. The goal of the organization is to promote Irish culture through sports, language, music, dance, etc. We are proud to say this is now being brought to you in Dutchess County, with our HQ to be at Tymor Park in the Town of Union Vale!

Our founders are passionate about their Irish heritage and active members of the community. We are partnered with other local Irish organizations such as the Dutchess County AOH, Police Emerald Society of the Hudson Valley, The Notre Dame Club of the Mid Hudson Valley, and others. Having seen the positive impact the GAA clubs have on other communities not only in NY but around the world, we got together and decided to make it happen for Dutchess County. It is our goal to get the youth (and adults) of the community engaged in traditional Irish activities by spreading awareness for local Irish events, hosting our own events, offering classes in the Irish Language, Step Dancing, clinics/teams in Gaelic sports, and generally promoting a community for "all things Irish."

We officially came together in Fall 2019, but our programs and services to the community did not begin until 2020. Our mission as an organization is to "To promote Irish, and Irish American culture through sports, language, music, dance and history."

Contact Dutchess.GAA@gmail.com with any questions