Organized in 1984, the InterNeighborhood Council of Durham (INC) is a coalition of Durham’s neighborhood and homeowner’s associations. Our mission is to promote the quality, stability and vitality of Durham’s residential neighborhoods. Just as many heads are better than one, neighborhoods gain strength by working together.


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Mailing Address

InterNeighborhood Council of Durham

732 Ninth St., #700

Durham, NC 27705


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Durham’s INC...

  • Fosters cooperation among existing neighborhood organizations.

  • Encourages the establishment of neighborhood organizations where none exist.

  • Takes positions on issues that affect our member neighborhoods.

  • Collects and disseminates information to stimulate awareness and interest in issues.

  • Works cooperatively with the City and County of Durham, and makes sure the voice of the citizen is heard via individual neighborhood organizations.

  • Holds monthly meetings and invite government officials to deliberate issues, educate neighbors and brainstorm solutions.

  • Recognizes Durham’s neighborhood heroes through an annual awards program.

By attending to both headline-making issues and everyday matters, the INC has been an effective advocate for neighborhood residents and an influential participant in making Durham a better place to live.


Meetings are the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.


  • Conference Room of the Department of Neighborhood Improvement Services

  • Third floor of Building #2

  • Golden Belt Arts Complex, 807 E. Main Street.

Parking is available in front and in the rear of building #2.

Maps and directions

Board Members (October 2022-September 2023)

  • President: Bonita Green (Merrick Moore )

  • Vice-President: Stephen Knill (Leesville Road Coalition)

  • Immediate Past President: Will Wilson

  • Secretary: Pat Carstensen (Cross-Counties)

  • Treasurer: Susan Sewell (Tuscaloosa-Lakewood)

  • Board member: Sarah Morris (Forest Hills)

  • Board member: Vanessa Mason Evans (Bragtown)

  • Board member: Pakis Bessias (Long Meadow)