“Labor Market Impacts and Responses: The Economic Consequences of a Marine Environmental Disaster” [PDF] (with Trung Hoang, Ha Nguyen, and Nguyen Vuong)
[Forthcoming - Journal of Development Economics]

    • Accepted Conferences & Seminars: PacDev (UC Berkeley 2020), Duke University Marine Lab's Seminar (2020), Oceans and Human Health Symposium (Duke University 2020), AAEA (Atlanta 2019), Vietnam Economists Annual Meeting (2018), SUNY-Binghamton (2019), NEUDC (Cornell 2018), MWIEDC (UW-Madison 2019)

“The Impact of Local Corruption on Business Tax Registration and Compliance: Evidence from Vietnam” [PDF] (with Edmund Malesky and Anh Pham)

[Forthcoming - Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization]

    • Accepted Conferences & Seminars: PacDev (UC Berkeley 2020), AAEA (Atlanta 2019), MWIEDC (UWisconsin-Madison 2019), UCSD Applied Micro-Economics (San Diego 2019), International Institute of Public Finance Annual Congress (Glasgow 2019), Tax Policies and Fiscal Capacity (Peking University 2019), Western Economic Association International Annual Conference (San Francisco, 2019), Global Economy & Development Seminar (American University 2019), International Development Seminar (Georgetown University 2019), Micro-Economic Policy Seminar (George Mason 2018), NBER Informal Work-in-Progress Conference (Boston 2018)

“Rural Infrastructure Development and Economic Activity” [PDF] (with Ritam Chaurey)

    • Accepted Conferences & Seminars: PacDev (UC Berkeley 2020), MWIEDC (UWisconsin-Madison 2019), UNU-WIDER Development Conference (2019), Ce2 Workshop (Warsaw 2019), UNU-WIDER (Bangkok 2019), NEUDC (Cornell 2018), Johns Hopkins-SAIS (Washington D.C. 2018), Northeastern Association of Business, Economics & Technology (Penn State 2017), ACEGD ISI (New Delhi 2018), Eastern Economic Association (Boston 2018), George Mason (2018), EPED (Montreal 2018), Young Economists Symposium (Yale 2017)

    • Coverage: Ideas for India

“Government Centralization and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Dissolution of District Councils in Vietnam” [PDF]

    • Conference & Seminar Presentations: American University (Washington D.C. 2019), NEUDC (Cornell 2018), Vietnam Economists Annual Meeting (Ha Noi 2018, *Best Research Paper Award*), Missouri Valley Economic Association (Memphis 2018)


“Marine Conservation and Social Inequality: Distributional Impacts of Marine Protected Areas in the Indonesia Seascapes” (with David Gill)

“Foreign Direct Investments under Political Disturbance: Evidence from a Territorial Dispute”

“The Impact of Highways on the Social Inclusion of Ethnic Minorities” (with Ian Coxhead, Sabine Liebenehm, and Nguyen Vuong)