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Dunlothon: Reunion Show!

still supporting St. Baldrick's Foundation, fighting pediatric cancer

Sat April 11, 8pm EDT

Live on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live

About the event

I'm Hunter Dunlo, an 8th grade English teacher in Virginia Beach. For the past few years, my school (Princess Anne Middle School), has been hosting an event called the St. Baldrick's Bash, benefiting a foundation that fights against pediatric cancer. The event involves people taking pledges and shaving their heads. This year, the event is scheduled for March 27 but can't happen in its normal form, so I am going to shave my head live from my garage. In the processing of planning a livestream, I got some positive feedback. Therefore, not only will I be shaving my head live, but during the 12 hour stream other participants, such as PAMS art teacher Mr. Jewell, will be shaving via video. Also, I will attempt to provide a variety of entertaining (and sometimes ridiculous) events to keep the show going and raise awareness for the cause. You'll see some video games played, some feats of moderate athleticism, freestyle rapping, and a dance-a-long featuring a special appearance by Bryan from Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

How to watch

The event will be simulcast live from at 8pm EDT on Saturday, April 11th in the following places:




All three sites will have the same stream and should work on a computer, mobile device, streaming device (Roku, Firestick, etc.) and/or smart TV. Basically, if you have the internet, you have a way to watch. Come say hi in the chat/comments!

How to donate

If you'd like to donate to St. Baldrick's before, during, or after the event, please visit the following link:

(We'll be reading donations live on-air, so type and message you'd like or request something you'd like me to rap about.)

Why I'm doing this

I started doing this when Abby, one of the students on my team this year, and her mom brought this event to our school. Abby is an awesome kid who was first diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and was placed on hospice care in 2015 but woke up and said, “I have so much living to do.” She then battled her way back to be able to attend school. Abby has become the face of Princess Anne Middle, motivating us all to fight through our own challenges while still being a normal kid with good friends. Abby and her family cite St. Baldrick’s as providing resources and treatment options to them that would have otherwise been unavailable. You can check out her story, along with her family’s thoughts about the organization here:

Also, you should check out this article/video from this year about Abby and her friends (most of whom are also on my team this year):…/friends-and-neighbors-celebrate…/amp/

St. Baldrick’s focuses specifically on fighting childhood cancer, they responsibly spend the money raised (transparent financial info is available on their site), and I’m personally confident that this organization is doing great things for real kids fighting cancer. If you are able to help out, please join us for the livestream on March 27. And if you're able to help out monetarily, please consider donating:

Events from the original Dunlothon

CLICK HERE for a detailed hour-by-hour schedule of events from the original Dunlothon that took place on Friday, March 27.

Events you'll see include:

Mr. Dunlo shaving his head, Mr. Jewell shaving his beard, a special dance-a-long with a special appearance by Bryan from Koo Koo Kanga Roo, The Legend of Zelda NES Breathless/Deathless Challenge (the challenge is to run a 5k and then immediately beat the original Legend of Zelda without dying), a freestyle rap session where I will rap about viewer-suggested topics (for a $5 minimum donation, I guarantee I will rap about whatever you suggest as long as it's family-friendly,) "Mario with Mom" after bedtime featuring Mr. and Mrs. Dunlo trying to beat Mario games in co-op mode, a POWER Paragraph session where an English teacher will write about student-suggested prompts on command, and "Dunlo Boys play Turtle Boys" where my kids and I will play classic Ninja Turtles games.

Join us!

If you'd like to join up with our event, buzz your hair, support a great cause, and help raise some money, please visit the following link to sign-up for our school's event: (You can either join us virtually and send me a video to, or you can wait on a rescheduled event date. Any support helps!)