Duct Cleaning

Many people have realized the great benefits of duct cleaning services in their homes or residents. Duct cleaning involve thorough cleaning of the HVAC system and all of its parts including the coils, air handlers, fans, motors, registers, grilles and housing.

Dirty heating and contamination of dirt particles in these parts of HVAC system as well as the cooling coils significantly compromises the efficiency of the system. Instances when Duct Cleaning is NecessaryMost experts of the HVAC unit system recommend duct cleaning only when it’s necessary. Household members should not consider it as a regular maintenance activity. Below are the instances that require people to consider cleaning their ducts. ·

Contaminants: If you notice different contaminants such as debris or hair particles and others are released even after you have cleaned or vacuumed the registers, then you should consider cleaning the ducts.

Mold: If you happen to see the mold grow inside the ducts, then you should clean them.· Presence of small animal creatures: If you happen to observe presence of animal infestation or formation of nests in the ducts, remove the creatures and get the ducts cleaned.·

Renovation: you should consider cleaning the ducts if you conducted a renovation in your home especially if the ducts were not sealed during the whole period while you were renovating.

How to Get Quality Duct Cleaning Services

There are many commercial service providers who clean the ducts and it is therefore not difficult to get substandard services. Below are different tips on how to get quality services when considering the cleaning of your ducts.

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Comprehensive Service: Always ensure that the company you are willing to hire provides full or comprehensive services and not just cleaning the ducts.·

Estimates: The Duct cleaners should also provide the estimate of the work to be done or its costs as well provide free inspection. ·

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Certification: A cleaning duct service provider should be certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Also check other licenses required as well as the insurance cover.· Check Results: always check the work done before paying either personally checking them or using a remote camera to see if the cleaning was conducted thoroughly. ·

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Reject any use of steam to clean the ducts: the use of steam or moisture to clean the ducts should be avoided as they can destroy the HVAC system.Follow this guide as it will always ensure your ducts are clean and your HVAC unit is working efficiently.