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Who We Are

We are a disruptive team of professionals specializing in various areas of financial services, with decades of experience and a world-class financial planning platform that we make available to our clients at no cost.

DSquared Financial exists to improve the quality of life for our members and the communities where they live, work and play. We do this through financial education, mentorship and volunteer activities. Our clients include families and small businesses (as well as their employees) nonprofit organizations and government agencies. A percentage (25% of our profit...*generated through the sale of Life Insurance and various financial services) is dedicated to be invested within the communities that we do business and helps to fund financial mentorship programs in under-served communities throughout the country. We believe in giving back!

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DSquared Financial

What We Offer

We strive to serve our clients during the financial planning process through deep and meaningful relationships that last for generations. Our team provides creative solutions for a variety of financial situations, let us show you how.

You and your family (partner, spouse) work hard to accumulate assets over a lifetime. The hope is that, when the time comes for you to leverage those assets, they’ll be there for you to benefit from. The strategic placement of financial assets and products is key to a stable, secure plan.

If there’s one thing certain about life, it’s the uncertainty that living it brings. The best laid plans can sometimes come to naught! Even though you may think you’ve covered all the bases, life sometimes has a funny way of throwing you a curve-ball when you least expect it.

When you are full of ideas for starting a new business, all you can see is what’s going to happen tomorrow. The thought of having their vision turned to reality often blinds new entrepreneurs to that all-important question: Does it all makes sense financially?

There is a direct link between business success and employee benefits. Some of the most successful businesses are those with satisfied employees. We specialize in 125 Cafeteria Plans for small businesses

Bottom Line: How We're Different?

We are an AI assisted capital management firm. We offer the best planning software supported by experienced financial services professionals.

Introducing DSquared EDU:

A Valuable Gift That Can Last a Lifetime. Ask Us About Setting up Your Child's First Portfolio.