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Jonathan LoPorto - Director of Tech Education

Jonathan has been teaching at the Dearborn for 7 years. Before that, Jonathan worked in the video games industry. It was in the games industry where he truly learned that programming is a creative endeavor. He's looking forward to making the most of this challenging year.

Contact info: jloporto@bostonpublicschools.org617-921-0599

Chelsea Voake - Curriculum & Career Readiness

Chelsea has been working at the Dearborn for 4 years. Before that, Chelsea was a teacher and school leader at charter and public schools in Cambridge and New York City. It was teaching in her history classroom that Chelsea found her passion for supporting students with hands-on opportunities to explore different industries and careers. She's looking forward to helping students find fantastic internships during their time in the Pathway.

Contact info: cvoake@bpe.org802-356-6541

Kristen Almquist -Cevallos - Director of Early College and Career Pathways

Kristen has been working at the Dearborn for 3 years. Before that she was a teacher and assistant principal at Chelsea High School where she developed 3 other career pathways in Law and Policy, Health Science and Education. She also founded one of the largest Early College program in the state while at Chelsea. She is so excited to continue to expand our STEM career pathways and early college experiences for our students at DSA!

Contact Info:kalmquist@bostonpublicschools.org978-828-9266

Melissa Mangogna - Social Issues in Comp Sci

Melissa has been teaching history in BPS for 9 years after time spent in various jobs in the education field, including working with the Federal Department of Education, teaching English in Korea, and working on a United Nations funded education project in Tanzania. She brings all of that experience to the classroom where she hopes to help young people think about ways to transform the Computer Science industry with diversity and community at the center. She looks forward to learning and teaching during this challenging year.

Contact info:mmongogna@bostonpublicschools.org202-262-2635