Bart Bossaert has have been working as an animator for the past 15 years. He worked on various projects in studios like Grid-vfx , Aardman and Creative Conspiracy. Dry Sea is his first short film he and his good friend Yves Bex wrote and developed together with the help of the talented people at Creative Conspiracy. Currently he is working as an animation-director at Spicy Acorn.

Yves Bex has been active as a freelancer for 20 years and has worked on various projects and for different clients (Klasse, Wolters Platyn, Inbev, The Reference, Transposia, ….), either as an animator, scriptwriter, graphic designer or illustrator. Since 2006, Yves has also been a teacher at LUCA School Of Arts (KULeuven), option animation film. Dry Sea is his third short animated film after Desperado (2002 - Winner Grand Prix Anima Brussels) and The Appointment (2011). The film was created in collaboration with his soulmate Bart Bossaert, produced and made by the talented people at Creative Conspiracy.


Creative Conspiracy , also known as CC, is the talented animation and production studio behind Dry Sea. They have produced multiple award-winning commercials, tv series and short films. CC is based in the center of Ghent, Belgium.