Doctor Sy has launched a new business called Synergy Collective, LLC. At Synergy Collective, you can invite Doctor Sy and her team to host a variety of creative, educational and imersive workshops for groups of all sizes and ages. To learn more, please visit: 



SyLinda (she/her - “Doctor Sy”) is a social justice activist and adult education expert. She is known for her passionate, inclusive and collaborative leadership style. She became passionate about mentoring after implementing a college-wide success coaching that increased student retention by 40% in the first term pilot. Several years later, Doctor Sy continues to enhance her coaching and mentoring expertise while developing workshops and professional development opportunities for executives and higher education professionals. 

Currently, Doctor Sy works at EdX/2U where she manages a remote team of Faculty Relationship Managers who support educators from 30 global universities across more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In addition to her primary responsibilities, Doctor Sy has been a founding leader in several of EdX/2U’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) related initiatives over her past seven years with the organization. She has served as the Global Chair for the organization’s Black Engagement Network, facilitates in the 2U Equity and Social Justice teaching certification series, and co-chairs her department’s DEI employee resource group. 

Outside of work, Doctor Sy serves in her local community (Illinois District 144 Board of Education member). She was selected in the Spring 2023 election and took oath in May 2023 to serve on the Board of Education. She also founded the Syngery Collective, LLC in 2024. This organization provides communal learning opportunities for varied ages and backgrounds. 

In addition to earning her doctorate degree in Adult and Higher Education from Northern Illinois University, Doctor Sy also earned a certificate from Northwestern University in “Leading Racial Equity and Inclusion in Organizations” in 2021. She is also a proud parent and “Aunty” in her local community. She enjoys connecting with neighbors, crocheting, painting, making music and gardening in her leisure time.

Recent Publications and Achievements:

2U Corporate DEI-related Publications:

A Day in the Life: Faculty Relationship Manager SyLinda Musaindapo, EdD

Juneteenth 2020: Tell your Story

Big Feelings: A children’s workbook about emotions (2022)

Available at:www.synergycollect.org 

Village of Hazel Crest (IL) Commissioner, Zoning and Planning (2021-2023)

Appointed by Mayor Vernard Alsbury

Black Social Capital Podcast, Episode 10 (2020)


12 Days a Year: the self-care journal you will actually finish (2020)

Available at:www.synergycollect.org 

Passing the Baton by, Reginald Ryder (2020)

Foreword by SyLinda Musaindapo

A guide and memoir of college success

Executive Coaching - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/ Career Support (2019-present)


Individual and group coaching programs for underrepresented professionals

Northern Illinois University - Doctorate, Adult and Higher Education (2018)

Exploring African American Students’ Perceptions of Belonging at an Urban Community College in Western United States

Dissertation Link: https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED599501