SyLinda Musaindapo, EdD (Doctor Sy) was raised in the Chicago area of the United States. As a first-generation college student, she overcame imposter syndrome and pursued her dreams of working in higher education and earning a doctoral degree.

Today, SyLinda, affectionately known as "Doctor Sy," supports a team of Faculty Relationship Associates and Managers who support graduate faculty across 30 universities. Additionally, Doctor Sy serves as a leader and activist for underrepresented populations. Dr. Sy's passion is coaching and empowering others' to tell their stories. She also serves as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for her local community.

Upcoming and Recent Events/Workshops:

2/1/22, The Four I's of Inclusive Teaching: Intent, Impact, Identity, and Intersectionality, 2U/EdX Equity and Social Justice in the Digital Environment

2/17/22, Say What!? Inclusive Language in Professional Settings, EdX/2U- Training, Student Success and Admissions teams

2/19/22, Say What!? Inclusive Language in Professional Settings, Notre Dame Mission Volunteer National Office Annual Mid-Year Training Conference

4/27/22, Implicit Bias Workshop, Northeast Ohio Notre Dame Mission Volunteers, an AmeriCorps Program