Dros' Baseball card site

Hello, I'm Chris, born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and now living in the Milwaukee area. Even though I grew up in the metaphorical shadow of Lambeau Field, somehow I became a baseball fan. (That's me and Louie in the cheap seats at Miller Park.) That included a ravenous card collecting hobby that unfortunately coincided with a flood of now nearly worthless cards. During my teen and college years I took a hiatus from collecting while my love of baseball continued to grow.

After I entered the real world and got an actual (low-) paying job, I returned to a dramatically different hobby landscape. I took a shine to the throwback style cards and began set building, finding that it scratched my left-brain itch. My collection and the time I spend on it has grown since discovering the online card-trading community. I'm a member of the Trading Bases group, and I've been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of these like-minded individuals since I joined in June 2008.

Well, that's enough blathering. Please check out my wantlists in the menu at the top and drop me a line. Let's make a trade!

Chris Drosner

E-mail me at chrisdrosner ( at ) gmail.

My trading policies

I don't really have any hard-and-fast rules, but operate under one general rule of thumb: The trade should be fair and agreed-upon by both parties. I usually lean on the Beckett pricing for this, just to ensure the packages are close. Otherwise I abide by the general rules of the trading community - secure packaging, good communication, etc. I'd prefer if you e-mail me before sending anything so I can ensure return fire, but surprise packages are OK. I'm not overly concerned about commons for commons or SPs for SPs or RCs for RCs, etc. If you are, that's fine - just let me know. If you ever get a postage due package from me or your package is shorted, let me know and I'll make it right.

What I have to trade

I have a ton of material from about 1984-present. In general, I have a lot of singles, parallels and inserts from the sets listed in my wantlists, but I'm also an avid single-pack buyer, so my stocks are all over the board.

More cool Packers stuff

As a journalist, it was really cool to finally make it into The New York Times ... but not quite like that. Here is a really cool article written by a Times columnist that features one of my all-time favorite sports memories - a Lambeau Leap on top of me a few years ago. My best friend is the goof in the dressing-for-the-weather photo. That's me losing my mind up in the corner of the main picture.