Your one stop solution for visualization and sample collection

of algal and cyanobacterial blooms

What are blooms and why are they a problem?

Alga (merilevä) and cyanobacteria (sinilevä) are naturally present in the water bodies. However, under excess availability of nutrients these microorganisms start to overgrow.

When they overgrow, several problems occur:

  • a layer between water and air is formed, reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen in water
  • released toxins affect humans and animals

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How can we help?

Many countries, including United States, Australia, China, and several European nations have recognized this as a growing threat and are taking steps in this direction.

The Baltic Sea and Finnish inland waterbodies are seasonally affected by blooms. Up until now, blooms’ locations are identified based on satellite imaging, which is time-consuming and pre-dated. We present a versatile, precise and real-time solution, taking into account personalized and global needs. Drone-trek brings to you precise visualization and sample collection of blooms with the help of our drones, starting from your cottage lakes to larger areas like the Baltic Sea.

Why us?

Bloom monitoring is being done by several countries through satellite imaging. Apart from monitoring water quality, Drone-Trek also provides water sample collection and testing to examine the presence of cyanotoxins in the water. This will be done through a Biodegradable, easy-to-use blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) test.

Our service is aimed for a wide audience, starting from individuals to larger users such as municipalities and companies.