Our Team

Dave Rozdeba

Dave Rozdeba was a beloved teacher and vice principal at Eagle Butte High School since its opening in 1996. His commitment to the school and his students was remarkable. He was instrumental in founding the Family Fun and Flight Show at the Medicine Hat Regional Airport where he served as ‘Flight Boss’. The South Alberta Flight Academy is being launched honouring Dave and what he meant to flight, Eagle Butte High School and Prairie Rose School Division. The Flight Academy logo uses the outline of the F-86 Sabre jet his father flew as part of Canada’s first RCAF aerobatic flying team, the Golden Hawks.

Les Little and Terri Super

Terri has been a pilot since 1979 and holds an Airline Transport Pilot License with approximately 13,000 hours in medevac, charter and scheduled flying. She has a Class II Instructor Rating, is a Transport Canada approved Pilot Examiner, Authorized Person and Authorized Exam Invigilator.

Terri holds, or has held, managerial positions as Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot and Operations Manager for Bar XH and Super T Aviation. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Terri is married to Les Little and together they enjoy their 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

Yes, Les is still flying and still loving it. After over 50 years of involvement with aviation, he still finds time to give tail-dragger checkouts and teach ground school for the C210 and Baron.

With over 20,000 hours and a wealth of experience running aviation companies, Super T is extremely happy to have Les help us out.

Boyd Craven

Mr. Craven is the principal of Eagle Butte High School. He is in full support of this exciting venture. Eagle Butte High School has a vibrant history of providing opportunities for students.  This technologically based aspect of the Flight Academy programming is another amazing venture for students to experience. The Drone Games is another example of the talent, effort, and amazing support that has gone into the many successes attained by the DRSAFA since its beginning.  

Jimi Ricci

Mr. Ricci is the South Alberta Flight Academy (SAFA) teacher and leads our students through obtaining their private pilot's licence, drone certification, survival training, cartography and building an aircraft from scratch! Jimi Ricci has been a teacher with Prairie Rose School Division since 2002.  Primarily a teacher of Physics and General Science, he is excited to transfer his knowledge and passion for science and technology to the field of Aviation.  As a member of the Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy team, he works with our future aviators as they acquire the skills, knowledge and attributes necessary for them to become effective future pilots.  Mr. Ricci also brings his passion for building and mechanics to the program, benefiting the students as they progress through the construction of their Vans RV-12's aircraft. 

The Drone Games are his brainchild and we can't wait to see the challenges in store for this event!

Doug and Sheri Little

Doug has been involved in aviation his entire life and is a third generation pilot with his eldest son being the fourth. Doug is an instructor at the Academy and has over 22000 hours of flight time, currently holds a Captain position with WestJet on the 767 and will transition on to the 787 Dreamliner in 2020. Doug’s career path has been interesting and varied. Starting at Kenn Borek Air in the early 90’s, Doug flew in North America, Pakistan, India and the Kashmir Valley. In 1995 Doug and his family started a venture and formed the first Tier 3 carrier in Canada called Alberta CityLink. In 1999 Doug was hired at a relatively new upstart airline called WestJet Airlines.  Along with his flying duties, Doug spent the next 9 years hiring pilots for WestJet. He also holds a position as Check Pilot and retains both left and right seat privileges. Doug has three sons and along with his wife Sheri, eldest son Maclean (and instructor at the school), youngest son Garrett (an apprentice AME at the school) is actively involved in Super T Aviation Academy. 

Sheri has worked in aviation for over 20 years. She has a wealth of experience and a commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience for all involved. Sheri has worked with HALO, served students in numerous schools in the local area, and has helped build multiple businesses. 

Davina Thuroo

Davina has been with Prairie Rose Public Schools for over 27 years and serves as events coordinator extraordinaire in addition to providing administrative support for the South Alberta Flight Academy. She goes above and beyond for our students and staff ensuring everyone has all they need to be successful. Her support is critical to student success. 

Cammie Kannekens

Ms. Kannekens has been a teacher in Prairie Rose for over 25 years. In addition to her work at Eagle Butte High School, she has taught post-secondary, is a Google Certified Trainer and Coach, led countless professional learning opportunities and currently serves as a Prairie Rose Instructional Coach. She has helped design The Drone Games and is our technological leader.

Darren MacMillan

Mr. MacMillan has been a teacher for 25 years and currently serves as the Program Development Coordinator for Prairie Rose Public Schools. He founded the South Alberta Flight Academy in 2019 in partnership with Super T Aviation and is excited to continue the program's development. He is excited to see how programming can help students develop critical thinking skills, overcome challenges, enhance resiliency, and build confidence.