Working Papers

Conference Presentations

2022 – WEAI (Portland, OR), Midwest Macro Meetings (Utah and Texas), Liberal Arts Macro (Middlebury)

2021 – Canadian Economic Association Meetings (Virtual), Southern Economics Association (Virtual)

2020 – WEAI (Virtual), Southern Economics Association (Virtual)

2019 – Midwest Macro Meetings (UGA and MSU), Union College (NY), SEA (FL), AEA

2018 – Vanderbilt University, WEAI (Canada), Midwest Macro Meetings (Vanderbilt, Nashville)

2017 – University of Cincinnati, Oberlin College, WEAI (San Diego), Midwest Macro (LSU)

2016 – Midwest Macro Meetings (Kansas Fed), Southern Economics Association (Washington D.C.)

2015 – Midwest Macro Meetings (Rochester, NY), Southern Economics Association (New Orleans, LA)

2012 - 2014 - Vanderbilt University (International Seminar), Midwest Macro (UC Boulder, CO), Missouri Economic Conference (Columbia, MO), Midwest Macro (FIU, FL), Vanderbilt, Miami, Fordham

(inclusive of co-author presentation of joint papers)