Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

Facultad de Informática Mazatlán

I am a full-time research professor at Facultad de Informática Mazatlán, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (UAS), Mexico. I belong to the Tecnología Educativa I+D+i (UAS-CA-303) research group from Facultad de Informática Mazatlán, UAS.

I've done some collaborations with the Lucentia research group from the University of Alicante, Spain with some topics related to Requirements Engineering, Web Engineering and Model-Driven Development as well as my PhD thesis.

I have some experience as Software Developer for Desktop and Web applications as well as Quality Assurance Manager for CMMi Level 2 and Project Management.

The research topics I'm most interested in are:

  • Model-Driven Engineering (MDE, MDD, MDA).

  • Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE).

  • Softgoals (GORE) maximization (optimization).

  • Web Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • VANETs Defined by Software

With regard to innovation projects, I've reviewed more than 66 projects from differents sponsors such as PEI-CONACYT, FINNOVA-CONACYT, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Universidad del Valle de México and FOMIX.

Finally, I've visited collegues and departments such as Matemática y Computación Departamento de Sistemas y Lenguajes Informáticos (DLSI) in Universidad de la Habana, Cuba and Universidad de Alicante, Spain.

My Book is here! follow the link bellow...


Dr. José Alfonso Aguilar Calderón.

Facultad de Informática Mazatlán.

Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa.

Phone: 669-981-15-60 ext.-209. ja.aguilar@uas.edu.mx