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For over 45 years, Dr.  Jerry Moylan,  a Chiropractor, Ulttra Endurance Athlete, and AAU Hall of Fame Strength Athlete, has been helping professional, amateur and non athletes reach their optimal potential. Runners, triathletes, cyclists, tennis players, baseball players, weight lifters and many more have experienced the healing touch of Dr. Jerry.

Chances are Dr. Jerry Moylan has experienced your injury first hand. Dr. Jerry has been competing in a variety of sports for the past 60 years. Some of his stand-out accomplishments are Junior State Champion and record holder in power-lifting with personal best 700-pound squat, 400-pound bench press, 635-pound dead lift, 3-time Ironman triathlon finisher, completed the Catalina Classic - a 32 mile paddleboard race, Vail Lake mountain bike series champion, and 2005 San Diego Senior Games male athlete of the year. He Also finished his first decathlon at the 2006 National Masters Championship. Dr. Jerry is a 30 time Master World Champion and 4 time Beast Award winner at the AAU World Championships. In 2019, he competed in 7 world championship sports in 3 days. 

A doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Jerry Moylan has helped a variety of individuals, including world class athletes and non-athletes, return from injury, alter nutritional conditions, and maintain peak performance. Dr. Jerry uses physical, as well as nutritional outlets, to help you heal as quickly as possible.

Dr. Jerry's Optimal Health and Vitality Recipe

View a printable & accessible version of Dr. Jerry's Optimal Health and Vitality Recipe.

Dr. Jerry’s Optimal Health and Vitality Recipe

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Recent Testimonials

Dr. Jerry Moylan and his Detox is the TRUTH!!! I lost 68 pounds. I did it last year and without asking questions (which lesson learned..ask questions first, 😉) said yes, and it set the journey I have been on (results pending😉) this last year.  I've learned what foods keeps this machine working, my mind sharp, my mental feeding for more, my body amazing, and a lot less injuries in doing so. I even did it twice last year because I felt like halfway through the year my body needed it.

140 pound weight loss!! Before photo. 

After photo! Call, text or email Dr. Jerry if you want Optimal Health!

Functional Medicine Testimonial

Dr. Jerry (or "world champ" as I refer to him) has helped me through injuries and illnesses for more than a decade. He is the most intelligent and wise healer that I know. And, of course, he inspires me with his passion for learning, incredible competition feats, and how he continually builds his knowledge and skillset as a functional medicine practitioner. One memory that stands out to me is when Dr. Jerry and I competed in a decathlon. I had never tried pole vault before and on my first try, I injured my wrist. I didn't think I'd be able to hold the pole to try again and then Dr. Jerry came over, pressed a few areas, massaged it out, and viola! The pain was gone. He works magic. I was diagnosed with a challenging autoimmune disease a few years ago. Dr. Jerry worked with me through numerous medical tests and supplements. He checked in often. Through his extensive support and work, I have been fortunate to be able to continue to do most of what I love to do, with some modifications, which is a blessing. I give Dr. Jerry my highest recommendation to anyone looking to recover from an injury or illness or just improve their health and well-being overall. 

~Dr. Torrey Trust, award-winning Professor of Learning Technology

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During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your health issues, set health goals, learn about the services Dr. Jerry offers, and decide which service(s) is best for you. 

More Functional Medicine Testimonials

I started to not feel myself in about October 2019, I workout about 7 days a week and I would feel winded, and retaining a lot of water in my hand & feet. Also started gaining weight, with working out 7 days a week and eating healthy. Went to my health care provider and she ordered blood work and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was was upset but I was on medication for a few months and spoke to my chiropractor about a healthy way of dealing with this because I did not want to be on synthetic medication. He referred my to Dr. Moylan. I called him and he asked about me health history and he sent to get blood work done and he started me with his supplements and a selection of vegetables diet in February. For 21 days. I had more blood work done and I had to have my medication lowered Freon 50mcg to 25mcg. As of August 12, 2020 I’m medication free and my thyroid is back to normal thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Moylan! I am so great full Thank you Dr. Moylan for your amazing work! If you want your health back please contact with Dr. Moylan.

Dr. Moylan there are not enough words to describe how thankful and appreciative I am for all the help you have provided for my mother. To watch my mom live a complete normal life is like an answered prayer. Before your treatment my mom was constantly in and out of the hospital because her diverticulitis was getting out of control. For her normal was totally far fetch. With having multiple infection flares ups, loss of appetite, being on clear liquid diets, mentally and emotionally unstable, having constant pain, being prescribed multiple antibiotics, my mom’s doctors were discussing surgery as her last option with the chance of not getting 100% better even with surgery. I knew there was hope and that is where I was introduced to you. Through this journey not only were you constantly proactive to help treat my mom, but with every phone conversation we had your positive energy, confidence and reassurance helped me become stronger and grow more faith and hope in your process. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Moylan you have been amazing. Please continue to work your miracle on others. I have and will always recommend you to anyone in need.

About Dr. Jerry

Dr. Jerry Moylan is an 19-time master world champion in kettlebells, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, feats of strength and bodybuilding. He holds several world records. Dr. Jerry also has 45 years experience as a vegan/vegetarian.

He was recently (July 2021) inducted into the Strength Sports Hall of Fame

AAU Strength Sports noted, "Doctor Jerry Moylan, of Sharonville, OH, has been winning AAU world titles in powerlifting and Feats of Strength since 2012, winning 27 individual world titles and setting more than 70 American and world records in six different sports - powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Feats of Strength, strongman, Mas wrestling, and bodybuilding. He is also a 4-time Beast Trophy winner, awarded to the best male multi-sports athlete at the AAU Strength Sports World Championships" (2021, para. 4). 

As a youth, Dr. Jerry competed in baseball, football, wrestling, boxing and martial arts. Then, later he competed in the Boston Marathon, ironman triathlons, ultra running marathons, ultra biking in Death Valley, a California, 24-hour mountain bike race (team winner), a 32-mile Catalina Classic paddleboard race, decathlons, pentathlons, track and field, bike track racing, off-road triathlons, tactical challenge contests, Crossfit, inline skating, and Scottish highland games. He won, or placed, in many of these events. 

Dr. Jerry also authored the book Dr. Jerry’s Optimal Health & Vitality Recipe.

This book will show you how to feel good as you age, improve your energy levels, and recover from an illness or injury. Dr. Jerry's Functional Triad of Health highlights the mental, physical, and chemical stresses of life and shows you how to use food, blood, and hormone testing to balance these stresses so you can live a happy, healthy life. The full color book contains graphs, charts, and resources to help you achieve your goals of health and wellness.

2023 News

I just competed at the 2023 AAU Masters World Championships in powerlifting, olympic lifting, feats of strength, and strongman. 

At 70 years old, 148 pounds, I was fortunate to win my 6th Beast Mode Award for Overall Top Athlete. 

Also, I won lightweight Top Male Powerlifter and Top Master Lightweight Strongman.

2021 News

2020 News

Dr. Jerry had fun in Las Vegas at the AAU World Championships (dedicated to his friend Tom Morenz and all things COVID-19). He participated in 8 competitions in 3 days. 

The 8th competition - Dr. Jerry had been waiting all weekend for it because he wanted one lift for his friend Tom and he knew this would be the hardest lift (175 pounds - something he had not even come close to making before). Dr. Jerry shared, "People will sometimes ask how I did and often reply, ' I didn't fall down!'" Well this shows you why he said that. 


This video is 320 pound frame carry. Check the end out!


Lifting a 175-pound stone.


Dr. Jerry won a few more world championships,  couple of swords, medals and his 4th in a row Beast Award

A panel of judges reviewed competitors for nominations for AAU Strength Sports Athletes of the Year: 

Stay healthy, give to others and you get back a lot more. Life is amazing! Let's make 2021 our best yet!

2019 News

At his leanest weight of 142 pounds for bodybuilding, Dr. Jerry was able to keep his strength for the Olympic lifting, powerlifting, feats of strength, strongman comp, and wrestling. He participated in 13 competitions in 9 different sports. In September 2019, he competed in 7 events in 3 days. He won 4 World Titles, 2 second places, a Best Lifter Award, and the coveted Beast Award.

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