Teaching Assistant for CS4820 : Analysis of Algorithms (Fall 2017, Spring 2018 & Spring 2020)

I worked with Prof. Eva Tardos and Prof. Bobby Kleinberg to help design assignments, organize grading sessions, hold office hours and review sessions for exams. As a part of a group of 4 head TAs and about 25 undergraduate TAs for a class of 300 we had fun bringing more students (some from CS and some not) into the exciting world of algorithms

Teaching Assistant for CS5854: Networks and Markets (Fall 2019)

Academic Mentor at IIT Kanpur (Fall 2015 & Spring 2016)

As a part of 15 leading students of Counseling Service, we were senior academic mentors, organised remedial classes for weaker students and managed a group of about 50 junior mentors. It was a fun-filled role where to attempted to reach all students for academic support and guidance of all forms.