Hi! We're Dripping Cone.

We've proudly been serving Arenztopia's main export since 1920, and since then, we've grown to become the biggest ice cream company in the world, worth over 3.5 billion dollars. So come on in, and discover the amazing story of Dripping Cone.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We were born in 1920 when H. S. Wikker and his friends decided to start an ice cream company. We still rely on collaboration to keep the company going.

Cheerful service is key.

Dripping Cone employees are known for their courteous and cheerful service, both in the store and in the ice cream truck.

We have pride in what we do.

We have pride in the quality of our ice creams, and we believe that all people should get to enjoy and savor the treat of ice cream. Therefore, for every two ice creams you buy, we donate one ice cream to someone in need. Thank you for your help.