In solidarity with

Dr. Jonathan Higgins

What follows is a collection of the contextual information that must be taken into account with respect to Claremont College's unwarranted and unacceptable firing of Dr. Higgins because of a tweet and its subsequent coverage by the right-wing internet "news." We will do our best to add and update as information is gathered and coverage continues.

By gathering the information in this way, we hope that it is clear that it is this context from which the writers of the open letter (and this site) are speaking.

Support Dr. Higgins directly by bringing him to your campus, visiting his website, or by donating.

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Some background:

More messages of solidarity with Dr. Higgins:

An open letter from Julia R. Golden-Battle, Director of NASPA Region I Ubuntu Institute, NASPA Region I Diversity Initiatives Coordinator

This pdf is of the "story" published by The College Fix.

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Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.