Dream Islands

Susi Bellamy: 'Golden Landscape' An evocation of a dream island

"To dwell alone with birds and flowers in some remote place where they were plentiful and undisturbed was an ambition early cherished in schooldays…. This desire became my daily dream as I grew up. In turn I envied the Swiss Family Robinson, the Coral Islanders and Robinson Crusoe. My day-dreams led me on wondrous expeditions alone in an open boat, and landed me on isolated bird-islands, where I dwelt my hermit-life in complete happiness. I built my little hut, kept my goats and my garden, and spent my days in watching and taming birds".

So wrote Ronald Lockley in the opening lines of his book ‘Dream Island’. Published in 1930 it was a summary of his tenancy of the small island of Skokholm just a mile or so off the western tip of Pembrokeshire in South Wales.

These wikipages contain original information and links to other people's information about islands, which are defined as any space that is difficult to reach because it is separated physically, biologically, historically, culturally or mentally from one's normal mindset. In other words, you are driven by dreams to get there. The obsessive goal-setting of dreams is a measure of human dissatisfaction with what we currently have. We use the pleasure associated with a new 'island life in the mind' to drive us forward. Every island has a strong "sense of place". They have a strong identity and character that is deeply felt by local inhabitants and by many visitors. Hopefully, these pages will fuel imagination in place.

The precurser of this site was a Google classic site entitled Islands of Sustainability