Dr Dina Zoe Belluigi


A portfolio of the relation between content and form in learning and technology in my academic practice

Summaries articulated in terms of CMALT accreditation 2018


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Introducing my Context

1. A. Context and Intro

Future Plans

6. Future plans

Appendices/ Evidence

Feedback, suggestions, collaborations and advice are always appreciated! dinabelluigi@gmail.com

The background images of this portfolio are of shwe-shwe fabric, the aesthetic design and technologies of making, developed as a result of interactions between indigenous and foreign cultural influences in the Eastern Cape of Southern Africa. They seemed an appropriate visual metaphor for this portfolio, and for my own professional career between the global South-North.

This portfolio charts my reflections at a time of transition

from my work in the South African (located on the map on the left) to Northern Ireland context (on the right right).