Drawing with Light


Photography, for me, has been a lifelong passion. Through my career in software engineering, making pictures was high on the list of my leisure interests. I am very active in the world of camera clubs, frequently presenting talks, and judging competitions. I enjoy showing my work in exhibitions and other contexts.

My style has evolved over the years. After dabbling in many genres, I realised that I was strongly attracted to Observational Photography – looking for images wherever I may be. In many cases, a photographer practising Observational Photography may see a possible image - just by being observant or by looking at something from a novel perspective - that numerous others would completely miss. It is the art of photographing the ordinary and (sometimes) making extraordinary images.

I regard the function of photography is simple: it gives the photographer the power to let others see through their eyes. We all see the world differently – the real world and our imaginary one – and this is how it may be shared. I enjoy seeking images wherever and whenever I can and love the opportunity to share that pleasure.