The journey of a lifetime

Current Doctoral Student at Nova Southeastern University's Instructional Technology & Distance Education Program

Class of 2024

Anna Ivelisse Clayton, M.S. Ed

Science Department Head | Biology /AP Biology Instructor

@ William H. Turner Technical Arts High School, Miami, FL 33147




I am currently the Science Department Chair at William. H.Turner Technical Arts High School. I also teach AP Biology, Biology Honors and Biology 1.

Our school serves a largely Haitian population who are on free/reduced lunch. Our students come from low-income households with limited resources.

Surviving 18 months of an Emergency shift to online teaching and learning was a difficult task for many. Lack of preparation, training, resources and vision from the ones in charge has led me to seek a Doctoral degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from NOVA Southeastern University.


You can follow my educational journey on this site. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

August 2020:

Ready to take on Distance Education, completely unprepared for the task

June 2021:

Survived an entire 18 months on "ZOOM". Check out my Blog for the full scoop!

In researching ways to improve my distance teaching practices and student learning experience, I came across many online programs that offered some components of what I was looking to learn. When I found the NSU Doctoral Program I knew I had to apply and take advantage of what was offered. I had always dreamed of completing my Doctoral Program and when I read the description, I knew this was the right place for me. The interesting thing is that even though my Master's Degree is from the University of Miami, I always loved NOVA, as I was a former "TITAN" from Nova Middle School.

I was enrolled in the bilingual program (1980s) and many of the strategies I use in my classroom were the ones used on me by my teachers during my education at Nova Middle School. The hands-on approach and authenticity of my lessons stems from the teachers who taught out of the textbooks and sometimes outside of the classroom. Applying for this program was an easy choice!

Follow my journey through this NSU doctoral program below:

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Doctoral in Instructional Technology and Distance Education
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