1. Fully funded Ph.D. Opportunity Currently (updated 06/13/2022)

I am seeking a self-motivated Ph.D. student who is interested in the area of Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and has a strong C/C++ programming ability and math background. The candidate should have a BS or MS in computer science. Industrial experience and many years of hands-on programming are preferred. The position will be funded by the NSF project. If you want to apply for the opening, you are encouraged to email Xingang.Fu@tamuk.edu with a copy of your resume including educational background, a list of in-major courses and grades, overall GPA, relevant research/working experience, relevant publications, GRE score, TOEFL score (for international student). In your email, please use “Ph.D. – Your Name” as the subject.

2. NSF Award NSF 19-506: PFI-RP: Development of Novel Inverter Technologies and Prototypes for Enhanced Power Generation from Renewable Energy Resources. Collaborating with The University of Alabama and Phase Technologies LLC.

2. NSF Award Abstract # 2131214: Collaborative Research: CISE-MSI: RCBP-RF: CPS: Develop Scalable and Reliable Deep Learning-driven Embedded Control Applied in Renewable Energy Integration,