Dr. Rashed Mohamed Karkain

 Brief Profile:

Dr. Rashed Karkain, founder and managing director of Sustainable Development Research and Training Institute, has a Ph.D. in Environment and Health, Master of Science in Innovation & Change Management from HBMSU and a Chemical Engineer graduated from University of South Florida, with more than 22 years of experience on the Technical as well as Leadership level in the field of Environmental & Sustainable Development. He has achieved Rashid Award for Scientific Outstanding, Dubai Government Excellence Program Award (DGEP); UAE Innovate Award and has nine Intellectual Properties. Additionally, he has been a lecturer at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, Canadian University of Dubai and Zayed University, Dubai.


Ph.D. Environment & Health Management - Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)

Master of Science in Innovation and Change Management - Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) – 2010 Dean's List

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - University of South Florida (USF), Tampa, FL

Carrier Development Center - ADNOC

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), CDC, Abu Dhabi, UAE Oil Industry Technical Diploma

High School

Robert E. Lee High School, Sophomore Year, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

UAE National Army Training

Aug 18th – Sept 30th, 1990 Voluntary Army Training, Nad Al Sheba Army Training Camp, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Government Excellence Program Awards

2016: DGEP - Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP-19) – 2nd place winner at Specialized Work (individual) Category

• 2011: DGEP - Dubai Government Excellence Award- First in Distinguished Technical Project–Medical Waste Incinerator

2019 Rashid Awards For Scientific Outstanding

Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation

Challenge 50, UAE Innovates – Green Economy – Carbon Dioxide, From Pollution to Solution - 2020

Leadership, Strategy & High Profile Experience, Exposure and Contributions

A member of Dubai's Executive Office's Infrastructure and Environment's Task Force Committee for Dubai Strategic Studies (2007-2015)

• A member of The United Arab Emirates Second National Communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Professional Profile

• Sustainable Development and Environmental Leadership Skills Development

• Sustainable Development

• Environmental and Public Health Protection & Safety

• Circular Economy

• Green Economy and Sustainable Energy

• Strategy, TQM & Excellence

• Research, Studies & Development

• Sustainable Water Treatment

• Sustainable Waste Management

• Innovation & Change Management

• Project Management, Project Development & Feasibility Studies

• Business Strategy, Organizational Behaviour & Capacity Building

• Policy and Regulations Formulations and Updates

• Coaching & Lecturing

Professional Experience

Dubai Municipality, Dubai, UAE

• Oct 2018 – Now  Principal Specialist

• June 2011 – Oct 2018 Head of Section – Sewage Treatment Plant Department

• Feb 2009 – June 2011  Head of Technical Support & Studies Section – Waste Management Dept.

• Nov 2008 – Feb 2009  Head of Environmental Planning & Studies Section –Environment Dept.

• Sep 2000 – Nov 2008 Head of Environmental Planning Unit – Environment Department.

• Apr 1999 – Sep 2000  Dangerous Goods Officer – Environment Department


Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Co. (ADGAS) Abu Dhabi, UAE

• Aug 15, 1989 – Apr 30, 1991 Operation Assignee, LNG Plant

• May 1, 1991 – Feb 14, 1992 Process Operator (C), LNG Plant, Feed Gas Compressors & Acid Gas Removal Plants

• Feb 15, 1992 – Jul 5, 1992 Process Operator (B), LNG Plant, Natural Gas Distillation, Separation and Dryers

Environmental & Sustainable Development 

Sustainable & Strategic Environmental Planning

• Environmental Project Management and Supervision

• Environmental Research & Studies

• Review of Environmental Impact Assessments of new/expanding Industries as well as Mega Projects in the Emirate of Dubai

• Management of Hazardous Wastes, Control, Monitoring, Waste Minimization, Waste Re-Usability

• Management of Dangerous Goods, including the monitoring of movement and usage of Radioactive Sources

• Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

• Inspection and Enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Assessments and Hygiene requirements

• Enforcement of Contingency Plan Requirements including HazMat and Fire Fighting Protection System and Requirements

• Review of current existing Environmental Regulations and drafting new ones as per the Federal and International standards

• E-Government Design, Requirements, Programming and Implementation

Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management Research & Studies related to all stages of Waste Management (collection, storage, transportation and treatment)

• Circular Economy

• Study of internationally best practices in Waste Management and benchmarking

• Waste Minimization Strategy

• Management of Waste to Energy (WTE) Study in the Emirate of Dubai

• Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Study

• Dubai’s Waste Management Master Plan Study

• Optimization and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities

• Study of Door to Door Recyclable Waste Collection System

• Study of reusability of Green Waste as compost

• Technical Specification for permitting industries involved in Waste Management Activities.

• Efficient and effective usability of fleet management in Waste Collection

• Review and update of Equipment and Vehicles specifications

Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure and Technologies

Sustainable, Effective, and efficient operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant and in line with health and environmental standards.

• Monitoring of all stages of treatment to ensure compliance with Chemical, Physical and Biological standards for treated water reusability.

• Monitoring of incoming Industrial Liquid Wastes to ensure their compliance with standards of the treatment technology.

• Production of Fertilizers from Sewage Sludge.

• Continuous improvement of the operation of Treatment Technology

• Implement Occupational Health and Safety procedures.

• Preparation of practical Contingency Plan and continuous review and update of such.

Teaching & Lecturing

• Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)

o Environmental Science – Master’s Degree Students

o Environmental Health – Bachelor’s Degree Students

• Canadian University of Dubai

o Marine Environment and Air Pollution

o Management of Domestic & Hazardous Waste

• Zayed University, Dubai

o Principles of Environmental Sustainability

o Introduction to Environmental Health

Intellectual Properties Registrations

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 164-2020 - Green Economy - Carbon Dioxide: From Pollution to Solution - Dubai’s Paradigm Shift for Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 227-2020 – Environmental Project Management - A Systematic Approach

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 237-2020 - Environmental Impact Assessment

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 277-2020 - Dubai’s Needs for Innovative Municipal Solid Waste Management: Communication, Awareness and Educational Programme to promote the Waste Management Hierarchy

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 278-2020 - Environmental And Public Health Risk Assessment Of Wastewater Reuse Practices In The City Of Dubai

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 291-2020 - Green Economy - Dubai’s Paradigm Shift in Using Methane Gas a Renewable Energy

• UAE Ministry of Economy, 301-2020 - Policy for The Management of Medical Wastes Generated from Hospitals and Clinics in the city of Dubai

Community Contribution

Charity Works

·       Nepal Earthquake:     Financial Contribution to colleagues who were affected by Nepal Earthquake

·       Iftaar Al Saa’em:       Yearly Iftaar Gathering during Ramadhan for lower grades employees at work

·       Food & Feed:           Continuous food distribution and gathering for lower grades employees at work

·       Year of Giving:         Distribution of Blankets for needy employees during the Winter (2017)


Knowledge Transfer:      

·       March 2014 - Workshop on “Waste Water - From Pollution to solution” - Emirates Environmental Group, Dubai, UAE

·       April 2014 - Abu Dhabi Center of Waste Management - Dangerous Goods and Occupational Health and Safety - Business Not as Usual

·       Dec. 9th – 13th, 2006 - Presentation on "Environment Protection & Peace" -- Global Environmental Youth Convention, Dubai, UAE

·       2014, 2015 - Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) Interschool Competition - Judge

Awards Judging

·       The Stevie’s Awards

·       Gulf Sustainability Award

·       Emirates Environmental Group

·       Middle East Waste and Recycling Award

·       Think Science Competition