CP 2023 Workshop on

Models and Solvers for Dynamic Programming

Sunday August 27th, 2023

Toronto, Canada

This workshop aims to bring together researchers that work on developing methods, systems, and tools that rely on state-based modeling and solving.  In particular, two streams of research have recently emerged around domain independent solving methodologies based on dynamic programming: 

Both approaches use dynamic programming models (or, more generally, labeled transition systems) to represent and solve discrete optimization models.  This is a new approach that relies on 1) a dynamic programming formulation, and 2) generic solvers that solve a given DP formulation as a ‘model and solve’ framework similar to constraint programming or mixed-integer programming.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for interested researchers to discuss recent advances in DP modeling and solving as well as strategies towards broader impact of this technology. The workshop contains tutorial-style presentations on background methodology, an invited talk by Ryan O'Neil (cofounder and CTO of Nextmv), technical presentations, and a discussion session.

The DPSOLVE 2023 workshop takes place at the CP 2023 conference location.