Fit India Movement



The Fit India movement was launched by our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. It aims to encourage Indians to include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle. The motto of this movement is to make a healthy generation. Students are our future and their fitness will help us in achieving the desired goals. CBSE has taken the initiative of taking this movement ahead and decided to celebrate Fit India School Week every year in the month of November. D.P.S Kalyanpur has also joined this movement with a belief that Fitness isn't a seasonal hobby, it's a Lifestyle.

We Have a Full Pack Week for Different Activities of Fitness

Day - 1

A healthy mind rests in a healthy body

Free hand exercises and activities for fun and fitness like aerobics, dance forms, rope skipping, etc. for fun were conducted virtually to inculcate the habit of regular exercising as it helps to maintain optimal cardiovascular health, a good body weight and favorable body composition.

Day - 2

Yoga -The essence of Life

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the people mentally, physically and emotionally. Practice of yoga aasan and meditation provides natural support to the immune system. It helps in keeping a person active, energetic, positive and clear headed. With this view in mind debates, lectures, symposium etc. were conducted on yoga.


Discover what your mind can do

To improve the mental concentration and help students increase their problem solving capacity, brain games like Chess Rubik's cube etc. were organized. Posters on "Hum Fit Toh India Fit" and an advertisement was made to promote the necessity of mental fitness.


Eat Good Feel Good

A Healthy diet is very essential to increase. The body's ability to prevent, fight and recover from infections .For young children a balanced and nutritious diet in essential for growth and development. Debates, lectures poems and essay writing competitions were organized to aware the students and parents about the benefits of a healthy diet.


You Know, You Grow

Online quiz related to Fitness/Sports was organized to arouse the students' interest towards physical and mental wellbeing.


Family- Key to Eternal Happiness

Participating in physical activity as a family not only strengthens family bond but also improves the overall mood of both the parents and children. Keeping this aim in mind, activities were conducted which involved both the parents and students.