Planning a Bounce House Party

When they get their bounce house invitations, the kids will be excited for the party! You will find an affordable option for every budget, from professionally printed invitations to fill-ins. San Lori is an invitation designer that offers fill-in invites for bounce houses and matching thank-you notes with balloon accents. You can also order a die-cut version in the form of a bounce house. This die-cut invitation can be personalized with your laser printer or inkjet, or professionally printed online by an invitation shop. These bounce house invitations will set the tone for your celebration!

There are many companies that rent bounce houses or slides that you can set up in your backyard. Some even have their own facility that has multiple bounce structures! You can rent either a basic bounce house or bounce slide depending on your children's abilities. Older kids will love the opportunity to play on a Bounce House rentals San Antonio obstacle track! You can also rent a "slip and slide" water slide to cool off the children in the summer heat.

To continue the cheerful, bouncy theme, decorate your home or party room with streamers and balloons. You can give out fun stickers, bouncy balls and patterned socks as party favors that kids can use in the bounce house.

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The bounce houses are great fun by themselves. But you can mix it up by giving your kids big inflatable balls to play with in the houses. If it's safe, the kids can race down the bounce slides. Beanbags can be given to children to encourage them to bounce and toss each other. You can also play tag inside the bounce house. The kids will be able to bounce around and catch other players. Safety rules and precautions must be followed when engaging in any of these activities. Safety supervisors are usually available to assist with managing the party if it is held at a bounce house.

To keep your kids' energy up, make sure you include healthy snacks like carrots, celery, grapes, and celery. Sub sandwiches make a great main dish, while fruit juice boxes can be used as a complement.

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Serve cupcakes or cake with sprinkles and frosting. The kids can decorate the dessert! Kraft Foods offers a delicious recipe for a fun clown cake. Or, kids can decorate their own cupcakes with M&Ms, Skittles, gumdrops, frosting, and M&Ms. Wilton, a bake supplier, has a cute idea for clown cupcakes. They use whipped cream and a cherry to make a clown's cape.

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