Episode 6 Now Singing

The brothers dive into one of their album's more genre-bending tunes, "Sing You a Song" - Find out what single note sustains throughout the chorus- And what's that mystery background instrument? As always, thanks for your support! 

Live Show June 5th
at The Auld Fella

Back to their favorite Irish Pub in downtown Culver City, The Auld Fella. Playing 7-10pm, the show will feature songs from Local Lemonade, some new tunes as well as their signature covers- come enjoy! 

5th Episode Falls for You

“Fallen For You,” among the more streamed tunes from Double Batch Daddy’s debut album, “Local Lemonade,” now gets an intriguing unpack from the brothers. Let that gravitational pull, pull you in to watch more- and thanks again for your support! 

Debut Album Now Available

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Episode 4 Now Playing

What percussion? Find that out along with heartfelt lyric inspiration, the inside joke baked into how the bridge unfolds, and how that final chord comes about