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A b o u t M e :

Dorian has lived and loved his musical experiences from a very early age. Starting on piano, he soon moved to trumpet. With many strong influencing teachers along his path, he has developed into the trumpet performer and educator of music that he aspired to.

After completion of high school, Dorian received his associates degree from Onondaga Community College and earned two BM degree's from Rowan University in Music Education and in K-6 education.

 Keeping busy, Dorian has just finished his sixth Carnival Cruise contract working as a Music Director and a lead/solo trumpet performer. During the cruises, he has worked with numerous Vegas-style production shows, dance bands, blues bands, jazz sets and numerous "fly-on" acts.

Dorian has now completed his masters degree in Trumpet Performance at Miami University of Ohio and has moved to the Pennsylvania to teach while maintaining his active trumpet performance lifestyle.

R e s u m e :

T e s t i m o n i a l s :


John Piazza: Music Director with Carnival Cruise Lines and now Music Director of Rockland Public Schools

"Simply put, Dorian is a sponge. He has absorbed everything I have given him and over the years has developed into a fine trumpet player. Dorian has a wonderful sound and fine facility. He understands style and can hold his own in both traditional classical and commercial styles of trumpet playing."

Pam Allen Hunter: Executive Director of “Making Music Matter” for Boston Public Schools

“Dorian Mohar is a gifted music educator who understands how to motivate students to help them achieve success. He cares deeply about his students and gives 100% each and every day. It was wonderful having Dorian on our faculty and I wish I could find more instructors like him!”

Christopher Correia - Assistant Band Director, Acton-Boxborough Schools

Dorian Mohar is the consummate professional who is able to effectively communicate with his peers, and to seamlessly transition into becoming a musical whisperer to his students. Over the years, Dorian has successfully played trumpet for world class professional organizations and events which has given him the unique tool of being able to bring 'real world' scenarios into the classroom to better prepare his students for a wide range of playing styles and techniques. Dorian also provides his students with a nurturing learning environment, always attaining maximum results after just a few months of tutelage. The student is Mr. Mohar's primary concern and focus, as he is able to 'whisper' to a wide range of talents and help them attain full potential at every juncture. Dorian is a paradigm in the field of music education, and will prove to be an asset and valued community member for any school, organization, and town in which he works for. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend in the field of music education.

George Arsenault; Music Director, Westford Academy

“I have seen Dorian work in-school in the classroom and outside of schools as a studio teacher. His private trumpet students are some of the without a doubt the finest trumpet players I have seen in my career.. In a jazz jam I recently attended, I was truly inspired when student after student of Dorian’s took the stage, stood next to Dorian and with their mentor at their side they played with confidence and style. I am genuinely amazed at Dorian’s ability to draw the very best from his students and know that he will continue to blend that one-on-one methodology with his classroom and ensemble duties.”

Mark Hickey; Music Director, Acton-Boxborough School District

“I witnessed Dorian work with our high school jazz band trumpet section. We were doing a project with a professional ensemble that Dorian plays in. Dorian was a terrific coach for the section and really brought them a long way as they prepared for the performance.It was a great experience for the kids to have an opportunity to play in this professional setting. I have found Dorian to be dependable, knowledgeable, personable and well versed in managing a music classroom. He works hard to provide an excellent experience for his students and I believe he will be an outstanding music teacher for any school fortunate enough to have him working for them. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.”

Fellow Teachers:

Todd Hamelin: Elementary String teacher, Westford Public Schools MA

“Dorian’s creativity and willingness to adapt his instruction to the needs of his students is one of his strengths. If you enter his classroom, you will likely see a great deal of differentiation– whether it is remediation through one-on-one assistance, or advancing more skilled students by providing developmentally appropriate exercises and supplements.”

Patricia Gaitely - Westford Public Schools Elementary Band Director

“I am honored to recommend Mr. Dorian Mohar for the music teacher position at Acton Boxborough middle and high school (grades 5-12). I have the pleasure of knowing Dorian as a fellow musician, teacher, and friend. Dorian goes above and beyond for his students. He truly wants to see them succeed! His passion for music shows in his teaching. Dorian has great arranging and composing skills which relate directly to the classroom and allow students of all playing abilities to participate.

Dorian is a hands on teacher and performs regularly, he is able to bring real life situations into the band room. Dorian also provides many different playing opportunities for his students beyond the classroom. His excellent organizational skills allow him to be a well rounded teacher and active performer. In addition, Dorian has strong communication. I have had the opportunity to perform professionally and plan student performances with Dorian. Whether he is directing the band, organizing a jazz festival or playing lead trumpet, he is very easy to work with and a team player!

Dorian is a caring, talented, and committed teacher. He will put 110% into everything he does. You will be impressed by his musical knowledge and background. It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr. Mohar to join your music faculty in Acton Boxborough Regional Schools. “

Susan Turcott-Gavrielle: Elementary String teacher, Westford Public Schools MA

“Dorian’s energy and enthusiasm clearly demonstrates his commitment to teaching and a passion for sharing a love of music with his students. He was determined that each child be successful and would often discuss thoughts and ideas on alternative approaches that would benefit the individual needs of each one. He too, was a learner, continually seeking to improve his own teaching practice through observation and collaboration with colleagues. His willingness to implement new ideas and suggestions truly evidences his intention and commitment to becoming an outstanding educator.”

Thaddeus Bell: Choir director in the Framingham school system

"In the last decade that I have known Dorian Mohar I have played alongside him in various jazz and classical settings, co-taught with him, seen his many private students develop and perform and have seen him organize both large and small-scale amazing community type music events for the participation and enjoyment for people of various ages and skill level.

Dorian easily exudes levels of kindness, warmth, gentleness and selflessness that is both rare to find and easy to be around; he takes on an ‘others-first’ type of approach in dealing with students and other musicians. In his teaching, I have consistently seen him encourage and inspire the best in others while making learning fun. Dorian is a continual student of instrument technique and consistently displays vast stylistic knowledge in the various forms of jazz and classical music. He accomplishes this with an amazingly deferential and selfless manner.

Dorian’s extensive knowledge of the band instruments combined with the extent to which he is a technician on his own instrument position him to be an amazing teacher and valuable resource to students and the community. His ability to arrange and compose will allow students of his, when the occasion calls for it, to have music that is custom-suited for both the particular situation and their abilities/needs. Dorian is, additionally, well-versed in the technical aspects of music including various notation programs, recording technology and computer/ internet applications; these talents allow any music teacher to have a much wider and culturally-relevant impact.

Given Dorian’s gentle nature with others and his proven track-record with students and community events I highly recommend Dorian as a candidate for the Elementary/Middle School Band Director. Please feel free to contact me at either Thads66994@aol.com, tbell@framingham.k12.ma.us, or 978-790-7645."

Matthew Zettler: K-5 Music Teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Framingham, MA

"From November 2017 to February 2018 I had the pleasure of co-teaching with Dorian Mohar at Fred Miller Elementary School in Holliston for a maternity leave. During our time together, Dorian demonstrated an ability to connect with students musically. As an educator, Dorian is gifted in his ability to play all of the standard band instruments at a high level. This proficiency enables Dorian to assist students at varying levels grow during his band lessons. In addition, Dorian showed great leadership in his coordination of the 4th and 5th grade winter band concert.

Putting on a concert involving over 100 students between 2 concert bands and a jazz band takes a considerable amount of preparation. Dorian, in conjunction with others came up with a plan in which every person working to support the concert was able to help out with a clearly defined role. The methodical planning by Dorian in the months leading up to the concert was critical in making it successful for everyone involved.

As a co-teacher of Dorian’s, during this maternity leave we were able to work together to help students grow as musicians and maintain the practices set forth by the band teacher. Dorian excels in working in a collaborative environment. In music education, there are a vast amount of ways in which music can be exhibited to students. Through collaborative efforts, Dorian and I were able to share our ideas on technology within the classroom as well as conducting philosophy enhancing the experience for elementary students. For these reasons, I believe Dorian to be an excellent fit as a band director and music educator."

Local Parents and Students:

Barbara Meglis: Local Acton, MA mother of a trumpet student

“Dorian not only taught my son how to play the trumpet but also inspired him to learn all the instruments and appreciate both classical and jazz music. Dorian wrote ensemble music for my son and his friends to play together and arranged for the trio to play at the Acton Jazz Cafe on several occasions. Dorian is an accomplished musician, an excellent teacher and mentor, and a very pleasant person as well. We welcome him to our community!”

Marylee York: Parent of students, High School Biology Teacher at Wayland High School

"Dorian Mohar taught my three sons piano and general music theory for over two years, ending about two years ago. He is very professional and clear. He helped instill a love of music in all three of them via his enthusiastic, yet calm and patient manner. All three now are playing together with their father in the "family band" and participate in band in school. My oldest is becoming quite proficient on guitar, and has his own rock band that has played out. We enjoyed the public performances he organized (even in the sweltering heat!), and found him to be a wonderful resource for music education. Alas, none of my boys wanted to take up the trumpet, which is Dorian's first love, but the lessons he gave them were the foundation of a life of music. I recommend him without reservation for any instructional role in music."

Ruth Goulet: Parent of students

“Dorian is an amazing teacher and an asset to our community. He has personally taught 2 of my children private lessons and has been able to easily relate to them and provide excellent instruction. I have personally witnessed many of the trumpet students who he has worked with blossom into really top rate players. In addition, I find Dorian’s commitment to the community and his students to be remarkable. He has arranged many opportunities for young musicians to perform, hiring a rhythm section and venues such as the Subway in Acton and the Pleasant St Cafe in Maynard at no cost to the students, encouraging them to work on performance and improvisation skills. He also runs a trumpet sight reading ensemble, giving trumpet players of all ages and abilities opportunities to play together and grow. In addition, Dorian donates his time to play in the Soft Touch Band, a big band which donates all its proceeds to scholarships for high school students. His skill, dedication, generosity of time and spirit would make him an excellent addition to Acton Boxboro or any school district”

Kurt Thaller - Director of the Soft Touch Band - Parent of a student

“It is my pleasure and honor to write this letter of recommendation for Dorian Mohar in support for this position in music education. I have known Dorian for five years both as music educator as well as band administrator. For these five years Dorian has been the private trumpet teacher for my son Richard, as well as a player and member of the administration staff of the Soft Touch Big Band, a volunteer organization that donates proceeds as scholarships to graduating high school seniors with significant music participation.

In the capacity of music educator, Dorian’s work with my son Richie has put him on an exceptional musical growth path well beyond my expectations. Dorian has nurtured my son to excel in the area of trumpet performance such that he was selected as 1st Trumpet in both Eastern District Festival as well as All- State festival, and I know other students of Dorian who were also selected. Beyond that Dorian has provided ample opportunity for his students like my son to perform in a variety of groups and venues. He has created unique opportunities such as “Too Much Trumpet”, a bi-weekly meeting of adult and student trumpet players to practice and learn while playing in a large trumpet ensemble. Through his networking, Dorian has also provided opportunities for his students, like my son to play in a variety of ensembles such as Brass Ensemble, private Jazz Band, Parade Band, and Jazz improvisation combos. Dorian is able to connect with his students and inspire a level of enthusiasm equal to his own.

In the capacity of organization skills and administration, Dorian is an active player and sub coordinator with the Soft Touch Band. After joining the band, he spearheaded organizing and creating an online method for tracking gigs, attendance and seat coverage, gig directions and special instructions, music and music library organization, and updating our public facing web page. More importantly than just setting up the infrastructure to support these functions, he implemented it in a way to allow for easy ongoing maintenance, and then delegated and trained other members to take on ownership of the various maintenance roles.

Dorian has my highest recommendation in the position of music educator and I fully support him without reservation. I admire the energy and focus he is able to contribute to his profession and look forward to his continued future contributions in music education.”

Christine Berthold: Westford parent of trumpet student

“It’s come to my attention that Dorian Mohar is seeking a position with the music program at RJ Grey. I am writing to tell you that he is a phenomenal music teacher, who has been inspiring my son to love music since he was his band teacher in 4th grade. My son has continued to enthusiastically take private lesson with Dorian for the past two years, and the experience has been phenomenal.

Last week, we attended the Jazz Band performance at my son’s school, and the music director at the University of Lowell who was in the audience commented that you can single out the students who study with Dorian. Nick’s middle school band director seconded the sentiment. They are technically head and shoulders above their peers. But what really stands out to me is how much my son loves playing the trumpet under Dorian’s tutelage. Dorian is unfailingly patient and encouraging, as he has been from the first day he was Nick’s music teacher at Abbot School in Westford, and Dorian’s passion for music is just contagious.

He also runs a trumpet ensemble and has shown incredible dedication to running it very well.

I don’t know the exact qualifications you are looking for in the position he seeks. But as an inspiration to young musicians, in our experience, he is absolutely top notch, and we feel he would be an asset to any program lucky enough to have him on their team.”

Fellow Musicians:

Liz Horwitz: Newton Flute and Bass Player

“It is clear he is a great musician. But more importantly, he has a great passion for teaching music, and particularly for teaching music to children. I have had several opportunities to see Dorian at work with children and to participate in public jam sessions he organizes to give his students an opportunity to perform in public. I’ve watched as he very patiently works with students from the earliest steps - like how to hold the instrument correctly - to more advanced advice about improving their sound. He is very patient and encouraging - his approach emphasizes pointing out the positives rather than criticizing negatives. His positive reinforcement approach will, I believe both make the students better musicians but also help to encourage their love for music in their lives.”

Chris Hildebrand: Saxophone performer extraordinaire

"I’ve know Dorian for years, working in a small groups as well as big bands. He’s always been passionate about educating kids, often taking opportunities to work younger players into groups that also have much more experienced players. This really nurtures growth. I know of at least one very young player that subs in one of my semi pro bands, and he has proven results. I’ve also heard other parents speak highly of his teaching.

I’ve also seen his arranging and organizing work with pro bands, taking a group of professionals that have not yet played together, with new arrangements, organizing rehearsals, and right down to the final product of a good performance.

It’s always a pleasure working with Dorian, and I truly enjoy his drive for educating budding musicians. We need educators like this today."

Rick Ong: Part-Time Trombone Player, Head of Quality Assurance at Synlogic Inc.

"I Would like to strongly recommend Dorian Mohar for the music education position he is applying for.

I am a former educator, and part-time musician that has known Dorian for 7 years. In that time, I have come to know Dorian very well, and know that he has the perfect blend of experience, technical skills and passion to educate, challenge and motivate and music student he comes in contact with.

My perspective on this in unique. I have had the luxury of sitting directly in front of Dorian in the Soft Touch Big Band. I play trombone. The main takeaway here is that he is an excellent musician, and has on many occasions assisted me with my playing as well as instructing the Band. There is no doubt that he has improved my playing. His messaging clear and direct, but his delivery is gentle and kind. This translates well to young students.

I have seen Dorian working with students as well. He invited me to join him in his "Too Much Trumpet" educational ensemble for his Holiday concerts. In the years I've worked with him, we've grown from a small group of 7-8 that played Christmas Carols in front of the Roche Brothers to well over 50 student musicians playing all over Acton. The common factor being Dorian's passion for music, and that every trumpet player in the ensemble is a student of his.

Dorian's technique in teaching the art of soloing is unmatched. I've seen students under his guidance solo effortlessly in very short amounts of time. He is a gifted and talented musicians in every aspect.

Dorian demeanor is perfect for the young student. I am certain this will come across when you interview him. His passion for teaching music to children cannot be matched. He loves it, and in return the kids love him. It's the perfect educational situation.

Please give Dorian an opportunity to work for you. His love of music, passion for teaching and professionalism will directly benefit his future students, and the Junior and Senior high school programs his students will feed into for years."

Liz Horwitz: Newton musician, teacher and artist

"I am writing to endorse Dorian Mohar as a great teacher of music to children. As a fellow musician, I have known Dorian for many years and have had several opportunities to play together with him in several different settings. It is clear he is a great musician. But more importantly, he has a great passion for teaching music, and particularly for teaching music to children.

I have had several opportunities to see Dorian at work with children and to participate in public jam sessions he organizes to give his students an opportunity to perform in public. I’ve watched as he very patiently works with students from the earliest steps - like how to hold the instrument correctly - to more advanced advice about improving their sound. He is very patient and encouraging - his approach emphasizes pointing out the positives rather than criticizing negatives. His positive reinforcement approach will, I believe both make the students better musicians but also help to encourage their love for music in their lives."

Nathan Gulla: Professional composer and pianist

"It is my professional opinion that one could not hire a better person for the job. Dorian is an engaging and understanding educator, a superb performer, and an inspiring leader and director. In particular among his many strengths is his ability to lead an ensemble effectively. He garners the respect of his students with his willingness to jump into the trenches with them, and he doesn't ask anything of anyone that he wouldn't do himself. The district stands to acquire an unparalleled asset in hiring this exceptional individual. Should anyone require additional information regarding Dorian's qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me directly."

Ellen Stein: Instructor at Simmons College, big band pianist

"I am privileged to know and play with Dorian in the Soft Touch Dance Band. He is an immensely talented, engaging man who is highly regarded by all. Many times when I arrive at rehearsal, Dorian is with one of his students, patiently teaching. I have seen time and time again how devoted he is."

I highly recommend Dorian. He is a tremendous asset and anyone would be lucky to have him."


Bob Weston; President of the Soft Touch Dance Band

“Dorian is the lead trumpeter in our band, "The Soft Touch Dance Band" In the Boston, Ma. area. His musical ability has been the keystone of the band and has lead us from a good dance band to a terrific 21 piece dance band. He also has great charisma which makes us as a group excel in musical expression. It is great to have him with us.”

James Olcott: Professor of Music (Trumpet), Miami University

“Had him as a graduate student for two years at Miami University (Ohio). An excellent trumpet player, conversant in all the styles. Self-starter, extremely reliable, clear goals, inquisitive, supportive, and enthusiastic. A team player who works and gets along very well with his colleagues. My highest recommendation.”

Yasuko Ishibashi: Artistic Director at Powers Music School

"Dorian worked with me as a very fine musician in live performances, community events and dance bands. He is a hard working, caring and dedicated musician and educator. I highly recommend Dorian as a full time band teacher at your school. He will be loved by all the students and fellow educators."

Tom Nutile: Radio Host on WICN, Leader of the Tom Nutile Big Band

"Dorian Mohar is one of the most positive, caring, and creative individuals I know. He excels as a teacher, as a musician and as a leader. Dorian is very dedicated to building a comfortable, supportive, creative environment for his students. He takes great interest in getting his students to understand and learn about music, and he works to bring out the best in each of his charges. I have seen some of his students, over a period of several years, grow enormously in terms of maturity, talent and accomplishment under his tutelage. As the leader of a big band myself, I reach out to Dorian to play with my group as often as possible. He is a pleasure to work with and to manage."

Yilin You: Music Director - Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church

“I’ve known Dorian since 2014, having hired him as one of the trumpet players for our Easter celebration at Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church. Ever since then he became our primary trumpet player for every Easter service and other celebratory occasions. Our church and congregation love to have Dorian here, not only because he’s such a great player but also a very reliable person. He always comes well prepared and is very punctual. Besides being a great player, Dorian is also a wonderful teacher. He’s very enthusiastic about teaching and always thinking and looking for new ways to teach using the latest technology. In the last Easter service we even hired one of his young trumpet students as the second trumpeter and he sounded amazing!”

Joe Karwacki: Bandleader, Stage Music Big Band

“During my time with Dorian, he was highly qualified, pleasant, responsible, and respectful on all levels. As a player, he exhibited the highest quality of musicianship and ability. As a colleague, everyone enjoyed and looked forward to his presence. As a bandleader, I could always rely on his dependability, promptness and preparedness. His demeanor at all events (both formal and informal) was always appropriate and thoughtful. I recommend Dorian without any reservation whatsoever.”

Bill Albin: Professor of Music Emeritus at Miami University

"Dorian attended my 2010 workshop on the island of Bali. He is a versatile musician with skills in the areas of orchestral performance, jazz ensemble/combo, jazz improvisation, chamber music, and world music."

Philip Bishop: Organist and Music Director at The Covenant-First Presbyterian Church

“Dorian has provided music support at my church several times. He is a very proficient musician, has good leadership skills and works well with diverse groups of people.”

Ricardo Averbach: Director of Orchestral Studies, Miami University

“Dorian is an outstanding musician, educator and performer. Besides being very musical and technically accomplished, he is very mature and displays uncommon work ethic. I have great respect for his work.”

Jono Gasparro: Special Projects Manager, Wynton Marsalis Enterprises, Inc.

“I visited campus several times for large jazz concerts. Once with Benny Golson and then again with Wynton Marsalis. Dorian was by far the most inspired student. His respect and passion for music was obvious. He was a pleasure to have around and HE CAN PLAY TOO!!”

Tom Desmond: Music Director with Carnival Cruise Lines, NYC

"I believe Dorian is an excellent trumpet player and a great person to work with. He's that guy who is first on the bandstand and last to leave...always in the practice room, always helping other musicians grow, always great to see on a daily basis."

Jessy Rose: Music Director with Carnival Cruise Lines, MA

"Mr. Mohar has great talent for teaching and helping people to learn new skills and has shown great patience in this area. He thrives on being able to help people improve their current level of performing and always takes the time to spend with various team members in a multitude of productive projects. I have always been amazed and impressed at this quality."

Stuart Dunn: Cruise Director with Carnival Cruise Lines

"Within the onboard Senior Management it is recommended to the Carnival Cruise Lines Miami head office that he cover the Music Director position again whenever possible. I would be happy to have Dorian as part of my team again."