Donald D. Matthews, Psy.D

Educational Therapist • Academic Psychologist

Certified Cognitive Coach #CCC22817595

Mindfulness / Qigong Instructor 

Who am I?

As an educational therapist, certified cognitive coach and academic psychologist, I seek opportunities to understand and support social and emotional growth, cognitive development and learning.  I strive to help individuals enhance their self awareness and self efficacy beliefs through mindfulness and metacognitive thinking, positive psychology, education and self development.  

What do I do?

I use cognitive behavioral coaching in my coaching practice as a vehicle for helping my clients understand the relationships between thoughts, emotions and behaviors.   Our sessions are about setting goals for the present and moving away from undesireable behaviors, finding purpose and motivation, and for becoming self regulated.  I have many years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in virtual and face to face settings.  

What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching is different from medically-based therapeutic services like psychotherapy.  It begins with goal setting to achieve desired educational or psychological outcomes.   Coaching in its many forms is a solution focused approach to meeting goals, changing how we respond to challenges and to achieving desired outcomes.   It is appropriate for individuals who have been formally diagnosed with ADHD or other challenges related to executive functioning. Improving outcomes requires reducing or elminating barreris to success as well as developing effective skills and thinking strategies.  


Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D) – Touro University, 2017  

Master of Arts degree in Education, (M.A.Ed.), Touro University – California, 2008

Graduate Certificate in Educational Therapy, University of California, Berkeley 2006

Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities, New College of California, San Francisco 1991

Allied Health Sciences, Fullerton College, California 1978-1982

Training, Memberships and Professional Affiliations

AET - Association of Educational Therapists, 2006 - 2013

APA – American Psychological Association, Division 15 – Educational Psychologists,  2014 - present - Affiliate

ATI - Arizona Trauma Institute - Certified Trauma Support Specialist (2022)

CCTC - California Commission on Teacher Credentialing - 1991- present.  - 

Multiple Subjects Credential and Education Specialist - Mild/Moderate Disabilities

FSU - Florida State University - Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience - Level 1 

IBCCES - International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards - 2022  - 

Certified Cognitive Coach  -  #CCC22817595

ILCT - Institute for Life Coaching Training - Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

ISCP - International Society of Coaching Psychology - Affiliate

Articles, Publications, Websites

Autonomy and Motivation: The Keys to Successful Learning and Goal Attainment -

Mindset Practices for Wellness and Wellbeing -

Neuroplasticity -

Mindful Breathing Institute - website

Mindful Breathing Institute - YouTube Channel

Mindful Breathing - ebook or paperback

Mindful Self Care - ebook or paperback

Mindfulness for Beginners - website

Metacognitive Thinking - website

Trauma Informed Practices: Teaching Self Regulation through Mindfulness -

Trauma Informed Teaching Practices - American Psychological Association - Practice Brief - October 2022

Trauma Informed Practices: Teaching Self Regulation through Mindfulness to Children and Adolescents - 2023 - ebook

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