Chronic stress has a debilitating effect on all aspects of our lives, including our academic performance, our interpersonal relationships and our physical and mental health. One way to combat chronic stress is to incorporate wellness practices into your daily life. Mindful Breathing helps to promote a healthful mindset so you can cope with emotional and physical challenges. By engaging in mindful breathing it will help you to reduce the stressors in your life and allows you to harness your own ability to respond to emotions and illness in positive ways.


Mindful Breathing is also a metacognitive strategy for increasing self awareness, regulating cognition, attention and emotions, cultivating wellness and reducing stress. It combines a deep breathing technique with mindfulness that increases our ability to monitor our cognition and regulate our attention and emotions. Finding a few moments each morning or evening to practice mindful breathing is a first step in managing and reducing chronic stress. It begins with a simple intention to make a change for the better.

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A Book Can Change Your Life.

Book Review: Mindful Breathing

"What is Mindful breathing, how to practice it, and cultivate it. The author delves deep into the scientific aspect of it but explains the concept with utter lucidity. His experience and understanding of the subject reflects itself on each page. The book explores the importance and dimensions of concentration, focus and mindfulness. It helps you train your mind and eliminate white noise and distractions through meditation. And all this through an interactive form of narration. It makes you think deep, makes you take the responsibility and work on it. It is indeed a holy grail for all the people suffering from any kind of stress related issue. I myself suffer from anxiety and bipolar disorder and found this book extremely helpful. I connected with the essence of the book.. It is filled with practical advice. The narrative is interesting and is thus a fast read. The writing is beautiful, gripping, inspirational and most importantly very significant." Abantika

The Mindful Breathing book is available in Large Print Paperback for $4.99 or Kindle $2.99 at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/1654771589

Donald D. Matthews, Psy.D. is an academic psychologist and mindfulness practitioner with a decade of experience teaching workshops and coaching students and teachers in metacognitive thinking strategies, social-emotional learning and self regulation through mindfulness. Dr. Matthews is the founder of the Mindful Breathing Institute and a professional affiliate of the Society for Health Psychology.