The Choir Club is a Co-Curricular Club, which means that members are also enrolled in the college. The Club generally consists of students who have interest in Music and Singing. The members performed in all the programme of the college only.

The group promotes teamwork, provides a sense of community and has a lot of fun with music at the heart of everything they do, from singing to flash mobs!

College Choir is open to all who love to sing. Musical experience is helpful, but not required. Woven into the historical fabric of the College itself, and functioning as a large and close-knit family, the choir enjoys a wonderful connection to its many alumni. Performing for the most important service-related events on campus, members tend to develop strong bonds of friendship that endure well-beyond graduation. Beginners need not fear! Those with less experience will receive assistance.


To serve our diverse musical culture with excellence, integrity, and imagination.


To provide leadership, artistry, and expertise to every student through music and singing.

Our Values

1. Student Success

We welcome and engage all students in creating individualized, accessible and mutually accountable pathways that allow them to pursue their goals in music.

2. Inclusion

We include members belonging to different tribe, religion and members of all choir groups of all churches around the college.

3. Quality

We expect excellence and accountability in ourselves and our choir members.

4. Innovation

We embrace bold ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, and we are responsive to the changing needs of students.

5. Learning

We believe that fulfilling lives are grounded in self-awareness and continuous learning and we want to instill in the members the need to be continuous learners.

6. Leadership

We lead by action and example to help our choir members pursue opportunities and address the challenges of the 21st century.

CHOIR IN-CHARGE : Ms. Genevieve A. Sangma