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My three MTT books, cowritten with Barry Carter. Poker Satellite Strategy, Endgame Poker Strategy & PKO Poker Strategy.

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My blog is where I share my tales from the poker circuit, David Bowie stories, online poker strategy and maybe, just maybe, the occasional ultra running anecdote. 

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If you prefer video content to books, or if you enjoyed the satellite book and want to take your satellite game even further, I have launched a satellite course with Learn Pro Poker. If you use the promo code DOKE you get $20 off. This contains pretty much everything I know about satellites, including some stuff we had to keep out of the book so it didn't end up being 1000 pages long.

My coaching

I offer coaching (enquiries to dokepokercoaching@gmail.com) although be warned that I take on less than half the players who apply (I only agree to coach someone if I think I can genuinely help them and provide value for money).

Buy a piece of myself and David Lappin in live poker events across the globe, including the World Series of Poker