The Dog Lab delves into the private lives of dogs on the streets of India, armed with nothing more than notebooks, pens, and at times, cameras. We are interested in understanding the evolution of dogs, by studying the behaviour, ecology and cognitive abilities of free-ranging dogs.


In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dog Lab is not hosting summer interns this year, due to travel and field-work restrictions.

Dog Lab launches it's first citizen science programme. All age-groups and nationalities are welcome. School students are especially encouraged to participate. Learn more


Debottam Bhattacharjee (Graduate student) secures the prestigious Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship for his post-doctoral studies, in February, 2020.

Dr. Manabi Paul, the first PhD to graduate from the lab, wins the DST-INSPIRE faculty position in the Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Calcutta Univ., on 28th March, 2019.