bulldogg pride

The Story of the Double "GG":

Not Your Average DoGGs

Bulldogs abound in Northeast Georgia.  In fact, they are so common, one can hardly round a corner without encountering a reminder of their voluminous population in the area.  A Barrow County "Bulldogg," however, is a different breed of animal. It is better described as a "creature that lives west of the Mulberry River and east-northeast of the Apalachee River in the Lower Piedmont Regions of North Georgia, peculiar only to that area known as Barrow County. While it resembles the bulldog in spirit and stubbornness, the similarities there stop."

In 1985, recognizing the differences between the average bulldog and themselves, the Winder-Barrow student body elected to distinguish the Barrow  County breed by changing the spelling of its name.  Representing  the “Extra Effort” that characterizes all Winder-Barrow "DoGGs,“ the extra “G” was added to the spelling of the name, and thus the double “G”  BulldoGG was born.  

So, you see - we do know how to spell; we simply aren’t afraid to make it known to the world that Winder-Barrow BulldoGGs are not you average dogs!