Appeal for a 3 year old girl for heart surgery - 5th Dec 2022

A three year old daughter of electrician and home maker from socio-economically backward background near Dharapuram is suffering from a serious heart disease which needs immediate treatment. Dr Vijay Kumar at GKNM Hospital will be operating on Dec 7th 2022. We are looking to raise 1.7 lakhs.

Please message if you are willing to donate. Thanks for your help!

Update, 6th Dec: We are looking to raise 55k.
Update, 8th Dec: The surgery is done successfully on 7th Dec. The girl is doing well and recovering.

Formal letter from the hospital below:

Old appeals

Appeal for Shayam - 20th Jun 2020

Mr. Shayam Babu (24) lives in Mettupalayam, near Coimbatore. He is supported by single mother and an younger brother. He has a rare medical condition called Budd-chiari syndrome, leading to liver failure. He is currently under treatment at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore. His brother is likely to donate liver. For the pre-transplant evaluation and procedure, the expected expenses are three lakhs INR. We request to email or whatsapp if you would like help. We'll share the account number to transfer money. Hospital letter and a short video below. Thanks in advance!

Update on 15th July 2020

Multiple donors have donated Rs. 83856 to the Shayam directly.

Appeal for Mrs. Usha

Mrs. Usha (36) is a Balwadi teacher from Trichy. Her husband is not supportive. She has two children of which one is developmentally challenged. Her kidneys failed in Sep 2019 and her mother is donating her kidney. All the pre-transplant procedures are complete and the transplant is likely to happen on 19th March 2020.

Other than the insurance, she needs 1.5 lakhs for the imunno suppressant injections and and post-transplant medicine expenses. We request to email or whatsapp if you would like help. We'll share the hospital account number to transfer money. Hospital letter and a short video below. Thanks in advance!

21st March 2020 update

The transplant is done on 19th March successfully. Usha and her mother are doing well.

15th July 2020 update

Multiple donors have donated a sum of Rs. 91,000. This is being used for the pre and post-transplant expenses.

Old appeals

Below appeal is closed as the mother's kidney is not good enough to be donated. Now, officially registered for the cadaver transplant.

Appeal for Anupriya

Anupriya (22) hails from a very poor family in Neelikonam palayam near Coimbatore. She is suffering from kidney failure for the past 3 years. We've been guiding her for the past 2 years - for regular dialysis and other related illness. Her father is no more. She is getting ready for kidney transplantation to be done in Aug '19. Her mother (seen in below video) is donating a kidney.

The transplant will be done at KG hospital by Dr. Elangovan using the TN govt. insurance scheme. Being a complex procedure, there are extra expenses - before and after the surgery. Please message 9442639490 if you would like to support. We'll share additional details.


2nd July 2019

2nd Mar 2019: We've got part of the funding for below appeal and settled the bill to the hospital directly

26th Feb 2019: Appeal for Mano Pradeep We've got the funding for this request Mano Pradeep (20) from Thaalavadi suffered head injury due to a two wheeler accident on 25th Dec 2018. Their family has already spent 7 lakhs for the initial critical treatment. Currently, he is admitted at JSS hospital, Mysore. He is out of the critical condition. But, has a long way ahead for complete recovery.

At present, there is an outstanding bill amount of Rs.1.14 lakhs at JSS hospital. Few friends have pledged to support 55, 000. They are still in need of 59,000. Once we raise the funds, we will guide them to get admitted in Coimbatore GH for the remaining treatment and recovery.

His father, a call taxi driver, has exhausted all his funding sources. Request you to call/message 9944622570 or 9886190493 if you would like to support. We'll share the hospital account details.

Thank you in advance!

10th June 2018: We've got pledge for the full surgery cost. The treatment is successfully completed and patient is doing well.

Appeal for Lakshmi - 13th May 2018

Lakshmi (17) is an underprivileged girl from a village near Kodaikanal. Her parents work as daily wage labourers.

Nine years ago, a spinal tumour removal procedure had left her without urination and defecation control. This made her drop out of school and also severely impacted her quality of life.

A senior urologist from Coimbatore consulted her in a medical camp organized by DoctorNet India and India Nirman Sangh. As a followup, to give her better quality of life, the doctor suggested to do a permanent colostomy and urinary diversion.

The surgery costs around 1.75 lakhs. DoctorNet will guide her till the treatment completion. Lakshmi is looking for donations from well wishers. Please contact 9442639490 / email to contribute. We'll give all the details including the hospital account number. Thank you!