Booking Now for 2024!

3/30- Corning Library Book Signing 10am (S)

4/05- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

04/08 Hector Hideaway 3-6pm (FB)
04/10- Matt's Palce Monterey 6-8pm

04/12 Seneca Cheese Company 5:30-8:30 (S)

4/20- Rooster Fish  7-10pm (S)

4/26- Iron Flamingo 7-10pm (Trio)

4/27- Racks Brew House Elkland, PA 7-10pm (S)

5/03- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

5/04- Grist Iron Seneca Lake 6-9pm (FB)
05/08- Matt's Place Monterey, NY 6-8pm
05/10- Chamber of Commerce Private Event

5/17- Seneca Cheese Company 5:30-8:30pm (S)

5/18- Rooster Fish  7-10pm (S)
5/24- Juniors Log Cabin Campbell, NY 8-11pm

05/25- Eldridge Park  5-8pm Elmira,NY (FB)

5/26- Switz Inn  5-8pm (FB)

5/31- TBA (FB)
06/2- Hop Notch Brewing Co. Montour, NY 3-6pm
06/05- Private School Event 5:30-7:30pm

6/07- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

6/08- Lawrenceville Library Cheese Man book Signing 1pm (S)

6/08- Hector Hideaway 7-10pm (FB)
6/09- Odessa Concert Series Odessa, NY 4-6PM (FB)

6/14- Seneca Cheese Company 5:30-8:30pm (S)

6/15- Private Event 12:30-3:30pm (FB)

6/16- Switz Inn  5-8pm (FB)

6/20-Woodbrook 2:30-4:30pm (FB)
6/21- Private School Event 

6/21- Rooster Fish  7-10pm (S)

6/22- Muranda Cheese Company 2-5pm (FB)
6/25- Sonny's Horseheads, NY 6-9pm

6/28- Darkhorse Saloon  7-10pm (FB)

7/04- Hammondsport Fireman's Carnival 7-10pm (FB)

7/05- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

7/06- Switz Inn  5-8pm (FB)

7/10- Bath Music in the Square 6-9pm (FB)

7/12- Iron Flamingo 7-10pm (FB)

7/13- Sunflower Acres Campground 7-10pm Addison, NY (FB)

7/14- Seneca Cheese Company 5:30-8:30pm (S)

7/15- Waverly Elementary 9am (S)

7/16- Spencer Elementary 9am (S)

7/17- Bradford Elementary9am (S)

7/18- Odessa Montour 9am (S)
7/18- Juniors Log Cabin Campbell, NY 8-11pm (FB)

7/19- Rooster Fish  7-10pm (S)

7/20- Private Party  5-9pm (FB)
7/21- Hop Notch Brewing Co. Montour, NY 3-6pm

7/24- CMOG Little Gather 9:30am & 11am (FB)
7/26 Splash Evewnt TBA 

7/27- Jamboree TBA (FB)

7/27- Campbell Campground  7-10pm (FB)

7/28 - Hector Hideaway 7-10pm (FB)

7/31-  Pirozzola Park 6-8pm (TRIO)

8/01- TBA (FB)
08/01- Chemung County Fair Midway 4-7pm

8/02- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

8/03- Liquid Shoes 6:30-8:30pm (S)

8/10 - Hector Hideaway 7-10pm (FB)

8/15- Corning Area Library  1:00pm (TRIO)

8/16- WoodBrook -5:30-7:00pm (TRIO)

8/17- Rooster Fish  7-10pm (S)

8/18-Seneca Cheese Company 3-6pm (S)
8/23- Grist Iron Seneca Lake 6-9pm (FB)

8/24- Sayre End of Summer 6:30-8:30pm (FB)
8/25- Hop Notch Brewing Co. Montour, NY 3-6pm

8/30- Switz Inn  5-8pm (FB)

8/31- Sunflower Acres Campground  7-10pm (FB)

9/06- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

9/07- Rooster Fish  7-10pm (S)
9/19- Juniors Log Cabin Campbell, NY 8-11pm

9/20- Racks Brew House (S)

9/21- Liquid Shoes 6:30-8:30pm (S)

9/27- Iron Flamingo 7-10pm (S)

10/4- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

10/11- Iron Flamingo 7-10pm (S)
10/18- The Yard FLX 7-10pm (FB)

10/19- Liquid Shoes 6:30-8:30pm (S)

10/25- Woodbrook 6:00-7:30pm (TRIO)

11/01- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

11/15- Liquid Shoes 6:30-8:30pm (S)

11/22- Iron Flamingo 7-10pm (S)

11/23- Dark Horse Saloon  7-10pm (FB)

12/06- Corning Radisson 6-9pm (FB)

12/14- Liquid Shoes 6:30-8:30pm (S)

12/27- Iron Flamingo 7-10pm (S)
S= Solo acoustic show with possible sit-in guests
TRIO= 3 piece band
FB=  Full 4 piece band



Come join Doc this year as he presents a multitude of shows ranging from his popular Pouch Music kids/family concerts, his Elvis inspired Memphis Mafia shows and his acoustic shows featuring original possum penned tunes and those from the artists who have inspired him along the way. Doc will be joined on stage at certain events by members of the Memphis Mafia who are all ready to make 2023 Rock!

FOR BOOKING INFORMATION CONTACT 607-542-5443 and/or booking@docpossum.com

The Cheeseman
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The Cheeseman
Coming Soon!

The Cheeseman
Coming Soon!

The Cheeseman
Coming Soon!


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