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In memory of Derek Edwin Done

Words from our president: It is hard to express how much love and respect the members of the Doane Family Association of America, Inc. had for Derek. His dedication to the family association, to our DNA research program, and to our research into the search for the parents of Deacon John Done who came to America in 1630 is unparalleled. When our DNA program proved that Derek was not in our direct line, it did not stop him from assisting the Association in our research programs, for which we were all thankful. After the DNA analysis came out I told Derek that my wife and I would adopt him into our family, and thereafter he always called me dad and I always greeted him as my son. He will always be remembered as a friend and a tireless worker, and his smiling face will be missed.

Derek Done presented papers at many Doane Family Association of America Reunions. Please visit Who was Deacon John Done? to see the many contributions he made to the search for Deacon John Done's English Ancestry.

Gilbert H. Doane

Historian, Genealogist, Episcopal Priest, Library Director, Author

and Monuments Man

Gilbert Doane presented a paper at the 1972 and 1976 Doane Family Association of America Reunions. Please see the appendix on the page for Deacon John Done's English Ancestry

Bishop William Croswell Doane, youngest son of G.W. Doane, with Cluny.

Doane Bishops

Portraits of Bishop George Washington Doane

If you're interested in architecture, Bishop GW Doane's residence (alas, demolished in 1961) was designed and built by the extraordinary architect John Notman.

George Hobart Doane, son of G.W. Doane

Bishop George Washington Doane founded Doane Academy in 1837


Bishop William Crosswell Doane was one of the founders of the Doane Stuart School

William Howard Doane (1832-1915) was an American composer, editor of hymn books, businessman, and inventor.

To Hear one of his most famous hymns click here

William Howard Doane Collection at Denison University

W.H Doane's Daughters Founded the Overseas Missionary Study Center in New Haven CT