Dutch Nash Hash 2019

Castle The Berckt - Baarlo - The Netherlands

9-10-11 August - Prelube to EuroHash 2019


If you need to ask ......... You probably don't want to know.

important news!

The 2019 Neptunus weekend has been upgraded to .......

Dutch Nash Hash! Yeahhh!

But somehow ... It is all about Neptunus ... :)



All inclusive?

  • All drinks and foods and accomodations and transports* are included. There will be very, very little opportunity to spend money. You don't even need to bring bedsheets or a towel. It is all provided for. Early bird rates of €145 and €195 are gone, it will cost ye €210.
* But, the hangover trail has a theme. "Who pays the Ferryman", after a famous 1970'ties BBC tv show. If your hangover is so bad you would rather not swim across the river Styx to reach Hades' realm**, you need some change to pay Charon, the ferryman, to get you across. Maybe you even want to go back again.
** Hades happens to be Neptunus' godfather, just for your information.


You probably think you know that place already. But the beds are even better now, the beer is the same, but the food is better (yes, who thought that would be possible) and the internet is faster. But most important, the weather is better


Ehhh yes, there most likely will be a programme. Something that looks like this:


  • Announce your presence, that could be as from 1600hrs.
  • Get your key;
  • Find your room;
  • Make your bed;

Or have a beer first, bars are open and will not close till Sunday afternoon. (However, we could decide to close the bars during the off-site runs. Everything is possible, one never can tell this long in advance)

  • Dinner; superb food, prepared by the professional kitchen staff of the castle.
  • Pubcrawl; We are staying at a bigly castle with many many bars, the best bars you have ever seen. With the best beers you have ever had. Believe me, it's true!

The bars will stay open during the pubcrawl till all hashers have been at all of them. And then they still are open till it is time to leave for the Saturday runs.


  • Breakfast
  • Runs for all shapes and sizes, including beerstops, lunchstop and circle.
  • Dinner; if weather allows, it could be a BBQ
  • Party with an exiting theme. Dress Up!

Bars stay open till it is time for the Hangover run on Sunday morning.


  • Breakfast
  • Hangover run "Who pays the Ferryman"
  • Circle and farewell lunch
  • Go Home!

Bars closing probably at 1600hrs!

Party Theme?

  • True Faith! Dress up as one of the Roman or Olympic Gods. But remember, there can only be one Neptunus and that is Neptunus. But perhaps you can dress up as Neptunus' identical twin cousin Poseidon*.

* Both Neptunus' parents are identical twins. They got married to each other as well and had a son born on the same day and time as our Neptunus. An identical twin cousin therefore. A spitting image, but they gave him a different name to avoid confusion.