Distance Model United Nations 2020

This conference is organized to accommodate delegates online through a video conferencing outlet where delegates will attend our conference and practice their Model United Nations online. Due to our current COVID-19 situation, there have been various cancellations on our plans. To make the best of our situation and keep training our skills related to Model United Nations, we have organized a Distance Model United Nations Conference that is available to delegates in the comfort of their own home.

This conference will take place from Tuesday, August 18 - Monday, August 24, 2020 through video-conferencing.

This is a new approach meant to build on MUN skills of debating, discussing and problem-solving in a safe and comfortable manner. Due to the fact, THIS CONFERENCE WILL HAVE NO REGISTRATION FEE. This, however, emphasizes the importance of filling in your registration form as it will inform us about your delegation status.

Please find more information about our new approach to conferencing below!

This page outlines the process of our conference and all necessary information needed to understand how the conference will be run.

This page outlines all the committees and topics offered to be discussed in our conference.

This page outlines how and when each committee will be joining to attend the conference.

This page outlines how to contact the conference.

This page provides the registration form if you wish to attend our conference.

The details of this conference's procedures and the plans are outlined in this website but any remaining questions, comments or concerns can be sent to our contact and we will get back as soon as possible.