Latest Low Score


The team has been on a win streak as of late with 3 wins in a row. Cameron Tankersly has led the team to victories with 4 and 5 under rounds the last two matches, with Bo Kerr playing very well for our number two score with two 40's back to back. Maddox Franklin also had a 52 today, Whitt Ferrell a 53, Cruz Carlough a 56, Trace Bretoi 59, and Cody Campbell 60.

Keely Deloach and Nevaeh Frey have also played very well for the girl's team putting together major improvement.


The boys team finished 4th in the District. Bo Kerr was the low scorer for the team with a 91, which included a sizzling hot 41 on the backside at The Legacy GC in Springfield Tn.