Structure and Members

Organizational structure & Members

The organizational structure is as follows:

Director: John C. Mourmouris, Professor

Deputy Director: Periklis Gogas, Associate Professor

Scientific Committee: All faculty members of the Department of Economics, which belongs to the laboratory

Secretariat: Mrs Olga Anagnostopoulou (Chief officer and permanent contact), Mrs Georgia Gavriilidou and Mr Dimitrios Koniaris

Members: the assigned Faculty members, of the Department of Economics, University of Thrace.

  • Theofilos Papadimitriou, Assoc. Professor
  • Constantine Chazakis, Assoc. Professor
  • Dimitrios Dimitriou, Ass. Professor
  • George Sarafopoulos, Professor
  • Sylvia Stavridou, Ass. Professor
  • Nicholas Rachaniotis, Ass. Professor
  • George Galanos, Lecturer
  • George Geronikolaou, Lecturer

External researchers and experts

  • Post-Doctoral researchers
  • PhD Students