Projects & Participants Catalog 

DM Demo Day is back! This annual event is a chance to build connections, experience exciting new projects, and create a shared sense of community through the amazing work of the Digital Media Program. It is the time each year when DM takes the spotlight in front of our campus, the industry, and all our community partners.

So come meet all of the DM researchers, faculty, and graduate students as they demo their latest interactive artifacts. And check out all their innovative projects below. 

Share this RSVP link far and wide with folks you would like to invite to attend. The doors are open Wednesday, April 12 from 12:30 - 4:30 pm on the 1st Floor of Technology Square Research Building. 

Table of Contents

Community Garden

Party Mascot

Sensing Bodies

Button Portraits


Transcend Generation Gap

Trip: A Cosmic Adventure for Two


AI privacy policy design activity


HeatOphone aka Thermal Music

Expanding the Design Space of Thermal Interactions


Future Self

The Prison of Memory

Making Smart Cities Explainable


Thermal Painting

AI Literacy