Daniel LeSaux


Daniel LeSaux is a guitarist, composer and producer located in New Hampshire, USA

He composes and produces guitar based, instrumental music in a variety of styles, distributed on all streaming platforms. Click here for his discography. Click here for links to streaming platforms.

Daniel was featured in the pages of the September 2021 issue of Premier Guitar magazine. Check out the Premier Guitar feature here.

Coming Back For More

It's been over ten years since the last instrumental rock album, Pay On Demand was released. Well now he's Coming Back For More, the title of Daniel's latest project. The arrangements are guitar heavy with an emphasis on melody, feel and tone.

The title track, Coming Back For More and the first single, Another Day are available on all music streaming platforms. The latest single Nineteen will be out in a few days.

The album artwork is courtesy of good friend, accomplished drummer and comic strip artist Youenn Kergoat. Hailing from Brittany, France, Youenn has recently turned his attention to creating gripping crime stories in his signature, comic strip style. Visit his Facebook page to learn more.

Color Tones

Color Tones is a collection of original and reworked smooth jazz cuts. A mix of new tunes and cover tunes including a contemporary jazz version of Can't Hide Love (Earth, Wind & Fire), and instrumental renditions of Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell) and Moody's Mood (Eddie Jefferson). Also Includes the new single Scuffle Shuffle. 

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When Daniel is asked why he plays guitar, his typical reply is, “Because it’s all I think about!". No matter where he is or what he's doing, he tends to hear rhythm and melodies. Daniel's passion for guitar shines through all his projects. Despite his love of guitar, he doesn't write guitar centric music.  That’s not what he’s about. He’s about writing tunes from his heart, soul and discovering how his guitar playing can help support the song and convey the emotion he’s trying to express.

Having absorbed numerous influences over the years, Daniel has developed an emotive, lyrical style that he is able to weave into many genres of music. He is just as comfortable playing instrumental rock as he is playing progressive metal.

Growing up in the sixties and seventies provided ample inspiration as he soaked up the music his older brother would bring home like Santana, Chicago, Cream and others. Later on, he discovered jazz fusion with the likes of Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever and many others. During that period, Daniel's parents moved to a small village in France when he was fourteen. The isolation proved to be a godsend to hone his craft. Having nothing else to do, he threw himself into guitar playing, practicing up to twelve hours a day. 

While living in France, Daniel and his brother formed a band they called Common Market, playing weddings and small concerts, honing his performance skills. The band morphed into a Santana tribute band that further influenced his technique. They then changed their name to the Young Brothers Band, playing all original music at concerts throughout the region. They performed at the Elixir rock festival in 1981 to a crowd of almost 30,000 spectators.

When he moved back to the US in the mid-eighties, his focus turned to recording rather than playing live. While most musicians are night owls, Daniel prefers the quiet of the early morning hours to record his music in his home studio he's dubbed Moose Tracks, a nod to the state of New Hampshire where he now lives. He’s recorded several albums in various styles including instrumental rock, jazz fusion, Latin rock, progressive metal, smooth jazz and even a Celtic rock album.

Daniel enjoys the new musical landscape the internet has created, allowing independent artists like himself to freely distribute his music without the constraints of traditional, commercial distribution.