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DKS, Baseball Card Enthusiast

 Welcome to D. Kent's online portfolio of baseball cards, specializing in Topps 1954-1965 editions.

I have completed my 1965, 1960 and 1955 collections; although, I would like to replace my one reprint - a 1955 Roberto Clemente - with an original. Click the 1965 Topps Collection tab to see the graded cards in my three wall display cases (as well as a framed autograph of my namesake, "Uncle" Bob). My 1954 Topps and Bowman baseball sets are both about 70% complete. I have recently opened my 1962 Topps "subsets" (AS, League Leaders, teams, WS, and Babe).

I am also always looking to upgrade from lower grade cards in the 1954 and 1955 sets. I like to trade cards - common for common, HOF for HOF, etc. - using cards from the other years in my collection. I have four separate Available for Trade pages: Topps (a few Bowman) Baseball 1955-1965; Post Baseball 1962-1963; Other Baseball; and Football. I am very open to trading my football cards for the baseball cards I still need.

The next step in my master plan is to build a display covering the generally overlapping careers of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. It is an ambitious and costly undertaking, so anything someone can do to help is greatly appreciated. At least I have those for 1955, 1960, 1962 and 1965 Topps series.

If you are tired of having to build your collection through expensive e-bay purchases, let's start trading! 

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