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Below are a showcase for some of my most recent mixes, all completely FREE to download. 

These mixes and a whole host of historical mixes can be downloaded via my mixes page from the menu at the top of the page.


Contempo 27 Rave The Night

(Dec 2023)

Just in time for NYE 2023, Andy returns with a thunderbasterd of a mix to close out a terrific year of Hardcore music. Turn up the volume and Rave The Night in Contempo 27!

Hard Energy UK Volume 3

(November 2023)

Winter is coming and so do the HARD beats! Here is the 3rd instalment of Hard Energy UK with uplifting melodies, uptempo and hi-octane Hardcore music!

Hard Energy UK Volume 2

(May 2023)

The second helping of Hard Energy UK. This is volume 2! TURN IT UP!

Contempo 26

Core Control

(September 2023)

More tremendous Contempo core-ness! 

Hard Energy UK

(March 2023)

A new mix series for another new year. Hard Energy UK is designed to embody the original feel of Hardcore from the UK from years gone by, to present day. Harder and quicker, uplifting and BOSS!

Contempo 25

Energy Waves

(March 2023)

Back again into 2023 with some absolute slammers from the world of Hardcore!

Contempo 24

(December 2022)

More tremendous Contempo core-ness!

So much amazing music on offer here... GET IT TURNED UP LOUD!!! 

You Don't Realise These Are

Classic Hardcore Anthems YET! Volume 4

(June 2022)

Another fantastic selection of classics you didn't realise were just yet from me to get your dancing shoes hotting up! 

Contempo 23

Eternal Hardcore

(June 2022)

Back again with some magnificent upfront Hardcore goodness, here we go again with Contempo 23 Eternal Hardcore; ready to take you sensationally into the summer of 2022!

You Don't Realise These Are

Classic Hardcore Anthems YET! Volume 2

(April 2022)

Right off of the back of volume 1 comes volume 2. Classics galore for you to feast upon. 

You Don't Realise These Are

Classic Hardcore Anthems YET! Volume 3

(May 2022)

The Classics keep on coming with volume 3. HERE WE GO HARDCORE CREW!

Contempo 22

NO LIMITS (March 2022)

Yes YES everyone... Contempo is BACK again with another epic installment of my successful hit compilation series.

22 NO LIMITS is as close to me in music as I can possibly get in 2022. I love the music and artists in this mix and hope you enjoy the mix as much as I have mixing it. 

You Don't Realise These Are

Classic Hardcore Anthems YET!

Volume 1  (April 2022)

Introducing the first in a new series I have created showcasing some of my favourite Hardcore tracks from the past.

Each volume will be around 30 mins in duration. Enjoy volume 1 !!

Core Sensations

Episode 15 (June 2021)

Yes one and all... Core Sensations is BACK! After two years off mixing compilation mixes I return with a whole host of upfront new Hardcore music to keep you stomping on! Check it out!

Contempo 21 BOOMERANG

Contempo 21 

BOOMERANG (May 2021)

I'm back again with another amazing installment of Contempo madness. As hardcore continues its resurgence back to greatness, I continue to display some of the best tunes from around the world, as hardcore brings it back 'like a boomerang'!

Have fun!!

Just Stomp 

Volume One (May 2021)

A new concept from me here to take you towards the summer in style with some brilliant Hardcore, designed simply to make you just stomp!


Contempo 20

Colossal Hardcore (April 2021)

This is my first mix of 2021 continuing the highly successful and popular Contempo mix series into a 20th instalment.

Turn up the Colossal Hardcore!

Contempo 19 FREE DL

Contempo 19

Core Defenders (December 2020)

Ready to help you see out the present and blast into the new year in style with the best of Hardcore in another fantastic Contempo mix. 

We are the Core Defenders!

Contempo 18

The Rhythm Inside (Sept 2020)

Andy returns with this end of summer Contempo super mix, taking us to number 18 in the mix series. Onwards we go into the wonder that is Hardcore music!

Contempo 17

Into the Wilderness (July 2020)

I take you Into The Wilderness of Hardcore with the next instalment of Contempo. Mix 17 in my mix series will have you escaping into my latest Hardcore journey. 


Contempo 16

Fluctuate (June 2020)

This truly is a huge display of Hardcore music at its best. Contempo 16 packs a HUGE punch and takes you on a fabulous journey through the scene courtesy of the best producers from around the world.

Contempo 15

QUARANTINE (March 2020)

With the world in chaos, I do my bit and bring you a much needed slice of Hardcore to take you away from the despair experienced by so many.

Contempo 14 FREE DL

Contempo 14

The Re-Boot(Feb 2020)

After years and YEARS since I last recorded a Contempo mix, and given the strength and resolve of Hardcore through some dark and difficult years, I proudly present to you the return of my incredibly successful mix series...

This is Contempo 14: The Re-Boot !!!