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I am a PostDoctoral researcher in the ISSE research lab (Institute for Software Systems Engineering) led by Professor Alexander Egyed at the Johannes Kepler University JKU, Linz, Austria. Before that I was a PhD student in the LIP6 research lab (laboratoire d'Infromatique de Paris 6) at the university of Piere et Marie Curie UPMC, under the supervision of Professor Reda Bendraou and Professor Marie-Pierre Gervais. I have also been supervised by Regina Hebig, and collaborated with several persons (see my publications).

My research interest includes but is not limited to : Software engineering, Model-Driven Engineering, Metamodel/DSL Evolution impacts, OCL constraints, Repairs of model inconsistencies, Software Processes, Process Adaptation, Formal Process Verification, and Agile Methods.

My current research focus on Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), and in software modeling languages in general. In particular, I am interested in repairing model inconsistencies and exploring their side effects. I have also been interested in the evolution of modeling languages and metamodels in order to study the impact on all related artifacts, such as models, transformations, and constraints etc.

During my PhD I have had a special interest on how to precisely detect metamodel changes during evolution and how to efficiently co-evolve (migrate) OCL constraints.

Prior to my PhD, I also worked on business process adaptation and further worked on the formal verification of processes based on Model-Checking techniques.

In parallel to my research, I am a teaching assistant at JKU, and was in the past a teaching assistant at UPMC and the engineering school Efrei.