PM Resources

Resources for enterprise PMs

A lot of PMs have asked me how to break into Product Management.Although there is no direct path to get into product management especially in an enterprise company, there are some resources that you can use to train your PM skills. Nothing substitutes for the influence, intuition and prioritization skills that you develop along the way. The list below has been categorized in a manner that will help a new hire set up for success.

** next to an item indicates recommended for your 30-60-90 day ramp-up plan

Understanding your space

  • Gartner reports **
  • Techcrunch ( check out startups in your space as they are excellent resources for new ideas)
  • Competitive analysis**: Check out data sheets (or pricing sheets) to learn about feature sets
  • Read recent release notes and press announcements of products in your space.

Building a network

Creating Frameworks