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 🦋  I’m Div Manickam 🦋 

Committed to be the change I want to see in the world: stress and anxiety | mindfulness and essentialism | diversity and belonging.

Inspire. Influence. Impact.


 Leadership is a privilege. 


Books by Div

One meal at a time: Flavors to savor
ebook | paperback | goodreads

Product Marketing: Mastering the art and science of PMM
audiobook | ebook | paperback | goodreads

A Book is Born:  Guide to Self-Publishing
audiobook | ebook | paperback | book template | goodreads

Fearless: Be the Authentic Leader you will Follow
audiobook | ebook | paperback  | goodreads

A Broken Teacup: Filling the cracks with mindfulness, essentialism and self-care
audiobook | ebook | paperback | goodreads

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